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Monday, March 29, 2010

Meeting my Sistah

My sistah, Jealyne

Me and my sissy Jealyne seldom see each other since she lives around 80 kilometers away. She's also busy with her work as a nurse in the province and taking care of her tot Khobe. The other day, she texted me that she'll meet up with me and I was really happy. We talked as if we have not seen each other several years. Being a nurse, I would confide to her about anything regarding my health(as if she's a doctor, hehe) and we talked about my palpitations and heartburn lately. She told me to just eat frequent small meals because what I'm feeling could be an acid reflux and gastritis just like what her hubby is suffering. I followed her suggestions and true enough, it works. Thanks my little sissy, you're my little doctor.LOLz
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Tuesday Quotable Toots (5)

Small kindness, small courtesies, small considerations,
habitually practiced in our social intercourse give a greater charm to the character
than the display of great talents and accomplishments

-Mary Ann Kelty

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Heartburn or allergy?

It's been 3 days now that I feel palpitations and sometimes hard up to breath. I surmised it could be due to my ulcer. I used to have it 3 years ago and experienced heartburn but it ceases when I really eat every time I feel hungry. But lately, I fail to eat snacks in the morning even if I am hungry because it's too close for lunch. My palpitations, according to a friend could be a possible sign of hyperthyroidism or stress. Well, I'm a little stressed out this time due to a lot of reports to accomplish at work but I can manage it.

Another possible cause is allergy. I know I have allergy to chicken and egg including seafoods like shrimp, crabs and squid but I still eat them. Like yesterday, I had a breakfast of egg omelet. The other day, I eat my heart out with the yummy shrimps and squid mixed in the pancit ordered by my officemate at Shanghai Resturant. So yummy that it's very hard for me to resist.

With what I am feeling now, I'll do my very best to avoid my allergens altogether and see to it that I eat every time I am hungry. Hubby asked me if I want to see a doctor but I told him I observe first my symptoms. If this will continue in spite of having not eaten my allergens and taming my ulcer, that's the time I'll consult a doctor.
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A treat for my feet

Hubby bought this flip flops for me at SM, it only cost less than a hundred pesos

Few days from now and it's gonna be April already. Even if it's still March, we can already feel the scorching heat of the summer sun. Thanks God, it rained yesterday afternoon and in the evening, hopefully the El Niño phenomenon will already end up soon.

We have many planned beach escapades this summer so I have to get ready with my flip flops and of course, my beach get ups. But I don't wear anymore two-piece swimsuits unlike before when I was still single and my belly is really flat.hehe

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Join B2B now and Get a Preferred Status

Business 2 Blogger

While doing my blog hopping, I noticed that many of my friends are having this business to blogger banner on their sites. Being curious myself, I tried to visit the site and was directed to business to blogger website. It's the newest site where bloggers can earn through paid posts. Since they are just starting out, you can sign-up for them and get a preferred status for free. Isn't that awesome? Being on the preferred status enables you to get an email 3 hours ahead compared to the basic status. So what are you waiting friends? Go, join B2B now!

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Beef Brisket

I have been craving for beef brisket. It's been quite long already that I have not eaten at Mandarin tea garden and I have been longing for my favorite beef brisket rice, siomai and durian shake. I have a lunch date with hubby today and I just indulge with what I have been long craving for. I have a full lunch. Thanks hubby:). Oh, my period is already delayed and I kept on craving different foods. Am I inf-anticipating? Hmmm..let's wait and see:)
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bonding with my girl

I did not report for work yesterday due to my having an upset stomach so I just filed a sick leave. I stayed home and just bond with my little girl Keona. We were able to wake up a little early but just few hours after our breakfast, while wathching cartoons on Disney channel, my little girl fall asleep on my lap. I also fall asleep we just woke up to grandpa's loud honking when he was about to go out for work:)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Restful Sunday

It's a beautiful Sunday and we just stayed home playing and cuddling with little Keona. We waited for the Pacquiao - Clottey fight on TV but we don't wanna let Keona see it so when the fight starts, I play with her and we slept for 4 long hours in the afternoon while hubby's in the living room looking at the fight. It's a restful Sunday, a nice time to prepare for the busy week ahead.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Yesterday, I have the chance to chat my best friend Marianne. We have not seen for quite a long time now because we are busy with our respective lives juggling motherhood, career, household chores, etc. We agreed to meet today and have our lunch together. Looking forward to our lunch date:). Happy weekend friends!
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I need antihistamines...

I have a beautiful morning with a hot dog and an egg omelet for breakfast. Geez, I miss eating egg for I haven't had it for quite a long time now. But alas! My breathing is kinda hot, feeling like having an asthma and I know this is an allergic reaction to eating that yummy egg omelet. Sigh. I know I need to take my antihistamines if this gets worse. I get allergic reactions to poultry foods like chicken and egg, seafoods that are really my favorite like shrimp, crabs and squid when my resistance is low.

Monday, March 8, 2010

One fine evening

her smile showing off her 2 big front teeth:)

Cutie cute cute...

It was a beautiful evening and Keona was in the mood to show her antics and hubby captured some of it. She was already ready for sleep when she was still in high spirit.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Sunday!

It's a beautiful Sunday once again. We woke up very late this morning, around 10 in the morning. No work, so we just laze around and I preview the video that I've made for the my two graduating working students who are under my care. Have a nice and restful weekend everyone:).

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Keona Received Some Goodies

My little girl received some goodies from her Tito Seigfred and Tita Lady. It is composed of 1 bottle of 200ml Zwitzal hypo-allergenic baby cologne and 2 bottles of 200ml Circus hypo-allergenic lotion. Thanks a lot Tito and Tita. You take good care of yourselves guys:).
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Having fun with Jollibee and Hetty

Here we are with Jollibee

Grandpa with Keona and Hetty

Keona and hubby enjoying a ride

Keona trying to kiss Jollibee

Last weekend, the whole family dined at Pizza Hut, Gaisano mall because it was Lady's birthday, my sis-in-law. When we were finished eating pizza, we went outside and watch the merry-go-round and other rides in front of pizza hut. We noticed a commotion at a nearby Jollibee so we looked into it and found out that the kids are having fun with the Jollibee mascot who was dancing and teasing with them. Keona wanted also to go closer with Jollibee so we went there. After a few minutes, another mascot got out, it was Hetty. Keona enjoyed seeing them and we took pictures with them.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Importance of Having a Car

Having a car is a big help to me and my husband, since we live far from the downtown area. Our daughter has been very sickly because she has a reflux and whenever there's an emergency and we need to go to the hospital, it's just easy for us even if it's middle of the night. Taking a public utility vehicle takes an hour or more when there's traffic to reach to downtown. Looking for a taxi on the other hand is far more worse since taxi rarely go to our neighborhood. So the best solution is to have our own transportation.

Although we already have a car, I really like owning one, may be a honda accord, since me and hubby have different routes for work. I like it since it has an elegant look, perfect for a woman like me. But my hubby usually teases me when I talk of having one because if ever I would have car problems, I would have trouble knowing what the problem is. I don't even know what a spark plug or a timing belt is. My friend Joey, in San Francisco would chat to me about cars and said that it would require a lot of responsibility when you own one. He told me that whenever he would take his car to a San Francisco auto repair shop, he must also be knowledgeable of the parts of the car. Aside from that, he must also know the price of the parts so that he wouldn't be overpriced by the mechanic. Well, the convenience of having a car is indeed coupled with responsibility.
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Monday, March 1, 2010

MMR Vaccination

Keona's MMR Vaccine immunization is supposedly scheduled last week but due to her having stuffy nose and colds, it was postponed. We had her vaccination yesterday. Her pediatrician's clinic is Keona's most hated place in the world.LOL. Whenever we enter into the clinic, she would be glued to me and refused to be touched by anybody, especially Doctor Mike, her pediatrician. When MMR vaccine is being administered, she cried the loudest volume she could have. I pity her but she needs to be immunized with it given the many outbreak of measles in the country nowadays. MMR stands for measles, mumps, and rubella. If a child is immunized with MMR vaccine, then she'll be protected from these diseases.
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