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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day 2013

Valentines Day is a something that a lot of people look forward to.  It is a moment when we can express our loved ones and those close to our hearts that we love and treasure them.  There are many ways to celebrate the day6 of hearts.  It may be simple or grand, the important thing is the expression of love we made to those dear to our hearts.

Ways to Celebrate Valentines:

Dinner.  One of the most common ways to celebrate the Valentines day is through a dinner.  It could be a dinner date with your boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, family.  The important thing about spending hearts day trough a dinner is the chance to talk and bond with the people you love.

Night out.  Teens and yuppies spend the Valentines day partying, going to a disco, singing in videoke bars and the list goes on.  This is especially true if you don't have yet your lovey-doveys and so you prefer group hang-outs because you don't have yet your special someone to be with.

Movie Date.  Another great day to spend the Valentines is to see a great movie that is showing on cinemas.  Or you may choose to see a favorite movie in your house and just enjoy your bonding moment with your loved one.

Walk in the Park.  You may also choose to just talk to each other, and just walk around in the park.  The good thing of this is you don't have to spend a penny since parks are usually free, unless you go to theme parks that requires entrance fees.  Nevertheless, it is the quality time that you spend with your loved one that matters.

There you have it guys.  Happy Valentines everyone.

More Fun With Photo Booths

Photo booth have become quite popular now a days. When one of my co workers got married they hired a photo booth for weddings, it was stationed at the entrance of the reception area. I got to tell you visitors where having a blast at the photo booth. They get to wear funny mask, fantasy costumes, unique backgrounds and all. The attendants of the photo booth are also accommodating and is always smiling, even though there were plenty of people that are swarming around the booth for their turn. I even enjoyed the photo booth part than the wedding reception itself hahahaha. 

When my friend Zenny from Dallas called me up for some great ideas for her upcoming wedding I immediately suggested to her about the photo booth. I'm sure she could find a photo booth rental dallas, if not maybe she can find one online. I tried browsing the net for a photo booth that can cater to her, on her place in Dallas. I found one though called The Photo Bank, I find their product nice and there were some good reviews about their service. Their booth is far impressive and modern looking than the one I had attended in my co worker's marriage, so I told Zenny about it. 

She has a photo booth rental forth worth at The Photo Bank, and just like what I experienced before, her guests have a lot of fun with the photo booth, even her parents and relatives have a blast with the photo booth. Although it would be an additional  expense on her part, but the joys and the memories of the photos taken is priceless. And their guest will surely treasure that wonderful experience they had.

I wonder what creative ideas for wedding events would come out on the future. But for now the concept of having a photo booth in weddings and parties is the trend.

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