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Friday, January 23, 2015

Emergency Fund: The Family's Priority

Emergency fund is very important to have.  It is the very first thing that one should have if you want some peace of mind.  It is something that you can use when emergencies come like when somebody in the family gets sick, urgent house repairs and other emergencies that will crop up in the future.

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We are supposed to have the 35% of our target emergency fund but we need to use it when we transfer to our home soon.  So the emergency fund that we have right now will be dried up.

Why Emergency Fund is Very Important?

  •  To Avoid Debt.  I really hate debt and I avoid it like a plague or disease.  Debt is a financial burden to anyone.  It robs you off to enjoy the future.

  • To have some sort of peace of mind.  Isn't it great to think that when there are financial problems in the future, you have something to get from?  It somehow gives you peace of mind knowing it's readily available when you need it most.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Movie Marathon

movie time, kids movies
Our little K loves to watch movies nowadays.  Hubby collected movies that are fiited for K's age so she is having so much fun.  Some old movies have been collected by hubby so we were really happy and appreciated that we were able to watch the good old films.

So far, we have seen:

The Labyrinth


The Impossible


The Life of PI

Some movies that are hard to grasp, we make it sure to explain to lil K so she will understand the movie.  But we try to avoid movies that are on the extremes(gore, horror, fighting) since it is not yet good for her.


I have been in hibernation for this blog for quite sometime now.  A lot of things are going on with our lives that I am really pre-occupied by it.  Our little K has been having a cough for the longest time and we have been continuously seeing a doctor.

Work has been in full swing and have been chasing time for our little K's meds schedule.  I have resumed my schooling in the graduate school and have been polishing my related literature. 

It's good to have been able to blog every now and then.  Just really miss this! I hope you guys are having a great weekend!
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