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Friday, January 18, 2013

Pediatrician Visit due to Colds and Cough

We visited to the pediatrician last January 17, 2012 .  This is totally a new pedia doctor that we visited because her nephrologist-pediatrician is out of town.  I wanted Keona to be really checked on that day because of her persistent cough and colds.

Pediatrician's Check-up

Dr. Angliongto get the details of her medical history since it is her first visit to this particular doctor.  She then measured her height and got her weight and remark that Keona is tall but she is underweight.  Dr. Angliongto also checked on her ears, mouth, eyes and kept on answering Keona's question, 'What are you doing?".

Doctor's Advise

The doctor said lil girl is almost 2 kilos underweight for her height.  She advise us not to give her biscuits and anything she can munch so that she can eat plenty during regular meals.  Green leafy vegetables as well as prune juice, citrus should be given to her so she will have a regular poop since that is one of our problems with her, irregular bowel movement and constipation.  Since lil girl has an allergy, she is not allowed to play on stuffed toys because they can accumulate dust that may cause her to cough.

The medications

Dr. Angliongto give the following prescriptions:

Co-amoxiclav (antibiotic) - 3ml. -2x/day
Citirizine (antihistamine) - 4ml. - 1x/day
Salbutamol (anti asthma) - 5ml.-3x/day
Sangobion (iron)- 1 ml a day, gradually increase it while observing the poop because it can harden poop. This will be given when Keona gets well from her cough and colds.

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