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Friday, June 7, 2013

Lovely Gifts for our Loved Ones

It is always good to make people dear in our hearts happy.  One way of making them feel loved by us is to give them gifts during their birthdays,  on Christmas season and other special occasions like anniversaries and reunions.

Whenever somebody celebrates a birthday in the family, we often give gifts to them.  It could be food like a gallon of ice cream, cakes or it could be things that a particular celebrator loves.  Troy, my BIL who is the youngest in my hubby's brood will be celebrating his birthday.  Since he loves very much our 3 canine fellas in the house, we thought of giving him dog gift baskets.  We believe that he will surely love it and it will really make him happy.

One of the occasions that we prepare so much is the Christmas season.  It is a fact that it is considered the happiest occasion in the year.  However, it could be the most draining, financially, that is.  Why? There are a lot of parties to attend, outings with office mates, friends, families.  It is also a time that we need to enhance our closet because of the many social gatherings that we need to attend.  Of course, gifts to our loved ones gets a big chunk in our budget.  To minimize the burden of incurring bulk expenses during Christmas, hubby and I make sure that whenever we see something nice and fitted for Christmas gift for our loved one, we order it.  It is very helpful because by the time Christmas is here, we will be more or less done with our gift shopping.  It also helps us avoid the Christmas rush.  Recently, we have seen Christmas food gift baskets online and we think it will be very nice to give to Mom on Christmas. 

Being able to make our loved ones happy brings us more feelings of joy.  In  the process of doing it, we turned out more blessed.

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