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Friday, June 29, 2012

Kid-friendly Flooring

We are in the process of changing the flooring of our house since the old one is already looking dirty and filthy. I personally want it to look elegant, comfortable and durable. My hubby and I are scouting for flooring that would fit to our liking. We want to get the worth of our expenses so we are very careful in choosing the perfect flooring for our house. We want it to last for a long time and give our house an elegant and harmonious look.

Since we have a small kid in our house whose energy is super huge, we wanted a flooring that is kid-friendly. Our little one often jumps around, run from the room to the living room and the kitchen. She ramps and sometimes pretend to be a model being a cutie girly pie that she is. She really has a full of energy and we want our flooring to be safe for our kid.

Our first consideration this time in choosing for a flooring is that first and foremost, it must not be slippery to avoid disaster with our tot. It must also be elegant and I prefer something that is light-colored to give an impression of a big look since our house is not that really big.

Searching for the best flooring for our house is easier with the aid of the Internet. You get a lot of ideas on flooring. One of the best sites I have been into is Flooring America. You get to see plenty of flooring, from vinyl, carpet, laminate, tiles and you can just scan their products through their website so that you will get to choose what's the best flooring for your home. Just click here to see for yourself and give the flooring of your home a new look.
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Happy Feast of St. Paul and St. Peter 2012

Little girl going shopping

We have no work today. Yay, I love it so much. Holidays are indeed little joys for working parents like us.

Working in a Catholic institution has these perks. We get to enjoy fiesta holidays and it is such a big thing for us because it means quality time for our little one and of course, an extra day to do some house cleaning and lazing around the house.

Little girl has been really getting bigger, wiser and full of energy dancing, jumping which can be an issue sometimes because she can get sprained at times due to carelessness. Thanks to her favorite DVDs and CDs which the only ones to calm her down and get glued on TV.
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flooring Ideas For My House

Its been years now since we have been staying in my parents house. My house is very far from where I work, and ever since baby girl was born we stayed in my parents house since its way nearer compared to my house which will take 1 hour ride to work. Aside from that I feel at ease when it's my mom and dad who is looking after my baby girl. I really don't trust leaving my child in the hands of a nanny.

Last week since we have no work, me and hubby visited our house, and we noticed a dirt piled up on our floor mat (we decided to put a floor mat on our house since it's easy to install). When we took a closer look it wasn't just dirt, it was ants, and the floor was moist. (This has happened before even if when we are still staying in the house). So me and hubby decided to ditch the floor mat.

Now we are trying to decide which flooring ideas would be best to replace our floor mat, hubby want to replace it with tiles while I want to use vinyl for the flooring. He wants to replace it with tiles since for him its clean to look, it is much durable compared to vinyl and because tile are cold and hubby likes to lie down on the floor especially when it's cold. However, having tiles cost very much, so my pick would be the vinyl as far as money is concerned. Although vinyl is not that durable compared to a tile, but still I think its much better compared to our rubber floor mat, and besides that, me and hubby can install the vinyl ourselves compare to a tile in which we will be force to hire labor for it to be installed.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

Celebrating Father's day makes me feel nostalgic for it makes me miss my father and brings me back memories of him. Being a father is not easy. They are the head of the family and they need to be strong and provide for the whole family.

I admire my father for he is very hardworking and loving. He also was very tolerant of us yet he is very protective. I can relate how protective my hubby now with our own girl. That's the way fathers are.

To my hubby and all the fathers in the world, a very happy Father's Day 2012. Continue to be a blessing to your family.
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