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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pediatrician Check-up for Colds and Cough

Keona's persistent cough has been going on for several days now.  I think it is almost 3 weeks now that she has a cough.  I already gave her ambroxol but it just disappear for around 1 day and it comes back.

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For home remedy, I gave her lemon juice and mixed with honey as a sweetener but  her cough is very persistent. So hubby, grandma and I brought her to her pediatrician today, Dra. Adolfo at the Ricardo Limso Hospital.

The doctor checked on her and said that if cough is persistent after 10 days, then she needs antibacterial medication.  

Her medication consist of:

Erithromycin (Zenith/suspension) - 20 ml - 4.5 ml once a day to be taken 2 hours after meal for 3 days - (Antibiotic-only raken for 3 days but it is good for 10 days)

Lorztadine + phenylphrine (Loraped) - 3ml once a day for 7 days (For sneezing)

Nace (Salinase Nasal Drops) - 2-3 drops to each nostril - 3x a day

That's all her medication. I hope her cough will be gone or else we'll have to undergo an X-ray.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Does Your Baby Have Autism?

Whether or not your baby has autism is a question that probably hasn’t crossed your mind – and don’t worry, they probably don’t. However, autism rates are on the rise, so it’s a good idea to know what the early signs are. This is really important, since starting therapy early has been shown to improve the quality of life for autistic children. It’s a question that you probably don’t want to ask, but you owe it to your child to be on the lookout.

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Most babies will smile back at you if you smile at them, and if you bend over their cot, the chances are that they will reach out to you to be picked up. On the other hand, autistic babies often don’t respond in this way – they have trouble relating to other people’s emotions, and therefore don’t behave in the same way that other infants do. This is one of the earliest autism signs to look out for, and if you are concerned you should talk to your pediatrician.

As your baby starts to get a little bit older, there is nothing more exciting than hearing their first words. Normally, they have started to make baby talk by the time they are 12 months old, and have spoken their first real words by the time they reach 18 months. However, language development in autistic children can be delayed – and some children with severe cases are never able to speak – so this is another sign you should look out for. Don’t get too concerned early on, since babies develop at different rates. However, if there is no sign of speech by 18 months, you should probably have it checked out.

There are other signs to look out for, including as your baby becomes a toddler. For instance, if they don’t play normally with other children, this may be a sign that something is wrong. Also, it’s normal for babies and children to imitate your gestures – and if they don’t, then this too might indicate that they have some sort of autistic disorder.

If you do discover that your child has autism, then don’t despair. Many children with autism grow up to live relatively normal and productive lives. One thing that seems to be key is to start treatment early – as just mentioned – and to tailor the treatment to a child’s specific needs. The symptoms and severity of autism vary widely between children, and so many treatment centers use autism therapy management software to help them track the progress of each child and plan targeted therapy – so that they have the best opportunity to develop.

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Finally, remember that autistic children often don’t respond to the same things that other children do. For instance, many of them don’t like strange things – and get upset when things change. So, while it would seem unfair for a child without autism, many children with the condition respond better to a highly structured and regimented routine. Also, some autistic children behave in extreme ways, and you will need help to learn how to deal with this. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

I celebrated my birthday yesterday. I am 1 year older and wiser, yay :-).  I got morning greetings, kisses from lil girl and hubby.  What a nice day to celebrate my birthday.

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During dinner, we had grilled tuna panga.  We also has chicken and pork liempo, our lil girl's fave.  Troy, my BIL also gifted me with a cake.

I truly thank God for another year of life's blessing and for all the graces I have received all these years.  I look forward to more years of blessing, growth in every aspect of my life.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Low Cost Storage For Moving Your Family Home

Moving home is reputed to be one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. Finding your next family home is the easy part. No matter if you are buying or renting a home or apartment, there is a miscellany of legal, administrative and logistical problems to tackle. When kids are involved, the job becomes even more significant, with even more possessions to move from old to new.

Moving home isn’t always a step up to a larger property, and some may even be downsizing. In these situations especially, storage space is often an essential additional service. This will keep the costs of moving down, while helping keep your new home clutter-free until you are ready to properly move in and unpack.
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Different types of storage will have their own pricing, and there will always be more expensive operators in the market. Assuming you are looking to keep the costs of your storage down, there are a number of things you can do to find cheaper solutions. Firstly, choosing self-storage eliminates much of the costs associated with managed facilities. While cheap storage Colorado Springs facilities are still managed to a certain extent, they do not have the same need for staffing and salaries. This represents a massive saving, which is felt in lower storage costs. For no reduction in service or space, you can automatically save money on the cost of your storage, simply by choosing a self-storage facility.

It is not just the type of storage you are looking to secure that will have an impact on its price. The actual size of storage will have a bearing too, and it is important to secure only the amount of space you need to house your belongings. This can be a difficult approximation. However, by making a realistic assessment about the amount of space you will need to store your possessions, it can be possible to ensure you are paying only the optimum price for the space you need. Too many storage customers take on units that are much larger than they require, and this can lead to more expensive storage costs. Instead, sizing your space correctly can save you much more money in the immediate future.

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Storage location is another factor. For most people, there is absolutely no reason to store your belongings in the center of the city, or in an area where real estate prices are high. Storage units tend to be located on the fringes of major centers of population, and this works because the cost of land is relatively much cheaper in areas further from the nearest town or city center. The more remotely located the storage, the cheaper space will prove to be for your storage needs.

The costs of storage are an important factor, particularly when you are contemplating storing your belongings for a long time. Durations of months, years and even decades are not out of the question, so it really does pay to make sure you are storing at an affordable, manageable rate to ensure you get the value for money you desire.

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