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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pediatrician Check-up for Colds and Cough

Keona's persistent cough has been going on for several days now.  I think it is almost 3 weeks now that she has a cough.  I already gave her ambroxol but it just disappear for around 1 day and it comes back.

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For home remedy, I gave her lemon juice and mixed with honey as a sweetener but  her cough is very persistent. So hubby, grandma and I brought her to her pediatrician today, Dra. Adolfo at the Ricardo Limso Hospital.

The doctor checked on her and said that if cough is persistent after 10 days, then she needs antibacterial medication.  

Her medication consist of:

Erithromycin (Zenith/suspension) - 20 ml - 4.5 ml once a day to be taken 2 hours after meal for 3 days - (Antibiotic-only raken for 3 days but it is good for 10 days)

Lorztadine + phenylphrine (Loraped) - 3ml once a day for 7 days (For sneezing)

Nace (Salinase Nasal Drops) - 2-3 drops to each nostril - 3x a day

That's all her medication. I hope her cough will be gone or else we'll have to undergo an X-ray.

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