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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Working Weekend

We have full hands on this weekend. On Saturday, one of our prospect renters got to see the house and confirmed that she and her siblings will gonna rent it. So we work full time and overtime to finish the painting. We also made some repair of the faucet and shower including petty repairs in the toilet. Hubby is a master of all.hehe. He does the plumbing, the painting and a little of everything in between.LOLz

Due to our busy-ness, I miss my visits to the blogs I love in the blogosphere. Just bear with me guys, I'll return your visits when my schedule eases up. All I can manage is to just have a quick post and I don't have anymore time going around, hoppin' & readin' recent posts of my fave bloggers in town. Thank you very much for constant visit in my corner friends.
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Booster Shot for Keona

Last Wednesday, I brought Keona to her pediatrician for the booster of her immunizations. It's a booster for influenza and two other immunizations that I forget the names. Lil girl doesn't like using elevator so when we went to the 8th floor of the medical tower building using the lift, she hugged me tight and cried. When we got outside the elevator, she had this very huge voice, shouting in joy that at last we are out of the elevator. While waiting for our turn, she played at the hallway. But when we got inside Doctor Mike's clinic, she right away cried even before Doc had a physical check on her.

I'm happy that this is the last immunization that she has for this year. The next one will be when she reaches 2 years old. It's a booster for IPV or pneumococcal vaccine.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WW- Fun under the Sun

hubby and lil girl having fun swimming

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Amateur Painter

Since me and hubby are now in vacation from work, we use our treasured vacation days to beautify our house. By September, it will be 2 years already that nobody's living in there so we decided to have it rented. At least, I can have something out of the monthly amortization that I pay for it. But before renting it out, I want to beautify it to make it more "livable" and really a nice place to stay. According to our neighbor, there have been many inquiries she received regarding our house. Many are interested to rent it and I'm happy because I have a choice whom to rent it out.

We have been painting for two days now. It's not easy to be a painter my friends. Well, for me, not easy because I'm not really a painter, just trying to be one. LOLz. Painting actually is the easier one but the tasks that precedes it are the ones I dreaded.hehe. I hate sanding! We paint it ourselves because the pay for painting is so huge. We lack budget for it since we still have to make electrical rewiring, and that's we are allotting a budget because we can't do it ourselves:). Goodnight friends. Need to recharge my lost energy for tomorrow is Keona's scheduled immunization. The last one. Wohooo!

Happy Birthday Grandpa

Yesterday was Grandpa's birthday. We did not have a huge celebration anymore since we already celebrated his birthday last sunday. All we did was buy him a cake from Goldilocks to express our gratitude to him and to let him know that we love him. Happy birthday Grandpa! More birthdays to come and more candles to blow:).
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just a quick update

How's everyone doing? It's been quite long since my last post for this blog and I miss visiting my online friends. I'm glad that Keona's poop is back to normal and the many times she pooped last Wednesday could be just viral or caused by her teething. Well, I can only surmised and the most important thing is that it was not caused by a bacteria like amoeba which I really dreaded. The thought of Keona being admitted again for the nth time in the hospital makes me sick.

I can stay up late today since it's a Sunday tomorrow. Grandpa will have his birthday on the 24th but he wants to celebrate it tomorrow since it's a Sunday. We'll be eating out again and gonna go swimming at Maryknoll Resort. Happy Saturday everyone and enjoy your weekend guys:).
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Alarmed by Keona's frequent poop

Yesterday while at work, I got a call from home that Keona had already poop 4 times. Grandma told me to just fetch them at the mall when I got out at work for they brought Keona with them. When we were on our way home, Keona poop again and was followed by another 2 poops when we were at home with approximately 1 hour gap in between.I was alarmed because it became very frequent and it's wet. I called up Keona's pediatrician for advice and he told me that the best thing to do is to have a stool exam the soonest that we can. We need also to keep her hydrated so we have to frequently let her drink water and have her take a pediatric hydride.

We decided to wait for another poop and bring it to the laboratory for examination then we'll just buy pedialite on our way to the hospital. 1 hour has passed but there's no poop. Two hours passed and still no poop came out so we decided to just go to bed for I was already very sleepy.

Until in the morning, there's no poop, so perhaps it was just viral thing or maybe due to the many raisins she ate the other night. She likes to eat a raisin a lot that she consumed quite plenty the other night.
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WW-My Dream Resthouse

This is my dream rest house when I retire, huge veranda, nice neighborhood, fresh air, relaxing atmosphere...

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Tuesday Quotable Toots (5)

All that is worth cherishing begins
with the heart, not the head.

-Suzanne Chapin
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Looking for something?

serious? those are your doctor's prescriptions sweetie:)


Lil girl got my bag and was trying to look something on what's inside. She mess up with my pressed powder and lipstick and scanned the contents of my wallet. She's very serious, as if looking for something. Hubby was amused with her so he captured it on his cam.
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lil Girl's Swimwear

Grandma trying to fit her on her two-piece swimwear

Grandpa will be celebrating his birthday next week. He wants to go back to the resort where we had our lunch last election day so we'll go swimming in the pool. Lil girl doesn't own any swimwear yet so we bought her one.
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Keeping me busy

I have been busy for the past few days customizing my site My Kairos Experience. It's the only site I have that has a custom domain and I want the look of it to have my personal touch. Since I am not a programmer, I just rely on hacks, tricks and tips that are shared on the net so I made a research, did trial and error until I got the look that I wanted. Hope you guys will visit it too. Happy Sunday friends:)
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Election Day is family day

It's election day, so there's no work. We went to our polling precincts at around 10 o'clock in the morning. We brought with us our lil girl for Grandpa suggested that we'll eat out after we'll have casted our vote. The precinct is so full since several precincts were fused into one due to the computerization. Only grandpa was able to vote right away because he's already 60 years old. The perks of a senior citizen:). The priority numbers being served are still in 102 and we were 220 and up, so we decided to take our lunch first or else we'll starve waiting for our turn to vote.

We went to Maryknoll resort and had our lunch there. Grandpa ordered kinilaw (hubby's fave), Mongolian spare ribs, lechon kawali, chicken barbecue. We tried to have lil girl walk through the sand but it's not that very clean so we decided to let her try in the swimming pool. There, she enjoyed very much. Too bad, we were not able to bring our camera for documentation:). We'll try to visit again the place next time since it's just near to us. The election day turned out to be a fun family day for us. After that, we go back to our polling precincts and vote.
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Happy Mother's Day

Here's a warm greetings to all the mother's out there! Motherhood is one of the best things that happen to a woman's life. Not all wives are blessed to become a mother. myspace graphic comments

To celebrate mother's day, hubby bought a cake for me from Goldilocks. For a simple celebration, we have roasted chicken and pork liempo for dinner. Have a beautiful Sunday evening friends and continue to be a blessing to everyone:).
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Discipline with Love

As my little girl grows older, there's also a need for her to be disciplined. She can be hard-headed at times and does not follow a simple NO. Before I became a Mom, I always despise mothers who tolerate their child's naughtiness but now that I become one, I understand them because I myself has the tendency to be too lenient. But as times goes by, I have learned to discipline my child, the kind of discipline which is always associated with love. If I don't impose discipline on her, she wouldn't know what is wrong from right and I don't want her to grow up to be a spoiled brat. The important thing is I make her understand and explain why some things she does are good and right and why some are bad.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WW-Keona in Bed Sorrounded with Friends

Keona surrounded with her friends. She'll make them sing with her favorite nursery songs and hubby does it for her:).

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Confused...going back to school or not?

I have been thinking recently of going back to school. I miss schooling and it's been 5 years since I last attended my classes. On the other hand, I also dreaded the pressure... juggling work, schooling, taking care of my tot and my blogging. Yeah, blogging is part of my life already. If I miss blogging, I felt there's something missing in my day and I really feel the urge to post an entry (an addiction?)

Going back to my schooling, I only have 2 academic subjects left and I'll be able to proceed already to my comprehensive exams. Making the thesis is the toughest thing for me to do. It involves financial, mental and of course physical factors. On the other hand, there's a part of me that tells not to go to school anymore because I've long wanted to depart from the rat race and be my own boss. But that would take time yet because I want to build passive income first before I'm gonna be able to be free from being a slave to the world of employment.

I'm really confused as of this time. Anyways, I still have more or less one month to think about it. I'm gonna discern and think things up. I need to join my tot in the dreamland now. Goodnight friends!
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lil Girl Wants an Earring

Lil Keona keeps on telling me this evening that she wants an earring. I would have wanted to have her ear pierced when she was still an infant so she can wear earrings but we were occupied with visits to the hospital due to her frequent fever because of recurrent infection.

She noticed Mom's earrings so she wanted to have one for herself. I told her that it's painful to have her ear pierced and asked her if it is OK for her to go to Doctor Mike and she doesn't want it anymore:). Hubby told me that she can have earrings when she reach 3 years old. He's afraid that lil Keona might scratch it. At 3, she'll be responsible enough to take care of it. My little girl now has already a sense of fashion and wants to beautify herself.LOLz.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Visit to Keona's Surgeon

my lil Keona now, growing and learning really fast...

Yesterday, we visited Keona's surgeon. She has a quarterly follow-up check-up of her post operation site and so far, the development is excellent. Instead of visiting after 3 months, her surgeon told me to visit after 6 months, that's after 1 year of Keona's operation when I can bring with me the renal scan and ultrasound result which is scheduled after six months from now.

The restrictions has been lift also like not putting powder on her that might infect to the operation site. I can also bring her now to the beach. I used to be afraid that the sand in the beach might get into her post operation site and might infect it so we never brought her to the beach.
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