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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Booster Shot for Keona

Last Wednesday, I brought Keona to her pediatrician for the booster of her immunizations. It's a booster for influenza and two other immunizations that I forget the names. Lil girl doesn't like using elevator so when we went to the 8th floor of the medical tower building using the lift, she hugged me tight and cried. When we got outside the elevator, she had this very huge voice, shouting in joy that at last we are out of the elevator. While waiting for our turn, she played at the hallway. But when we got inside Doctor Mike's clinic, she right away cried even before Doc had a physical check on her.

I'm happy that this is the last immunization that she has for this year. The next one will be when she reaches 2 years old. It's a booster for IPV or pneumococcal vaccine.
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