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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Amateur Painter

Since me and hubby are now in vacation from work, we use our treasured vacation days to beautify our house. By September, it will be 2 years already that nobody's living in there so we decided to have it rented. At least, I can have something out of the monthly amortization that I pay for it. But before renting it out, I want to beautify it to make it more "livable" and really a nice place to stay. According to our neighbor, there have been many inquiries she received regarding our house. Many are interested to rent it and I'm happy because I have a choice whom to rent it out.

We have been painting for two days now. It's not easy to be a painter my friends. Well, for me, not easy because I'm not really a painter, just trying to be one. LOLz. Painting actually is the easier one but the tasks that precedes it are the ones I dreaded.hehe. I hate sanding! We paint it ourselves because the pay for painting is so huge. We lack budget for it since we still have to make electrical rewiring, and that's we are allotting a budget because we can't do it ourselves:). Goodnight friends. Need to recharge my lost energy for tomorrow is Keona's scheduled immunization. The last one. Wohooo!

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