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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Election Day is family day

It's election day, so there's no work. We went to our polling precincts at around 10 o'clock in the morning. We brought with us our lil girl for Grandpa suggested that we'll eat out after we'll have casted our vote. The precinct is so full since several precincts were fused into one due to the computerization. Only grandpa was able to vote right away because he's already 60 years old. The perks of a senior citizen:). The priority numbers being served are still in 102 and we were 220 and up, so we decided to take our lunch first or else we'll starve waiting for our turn to vote.

We went to Maryknoll resort and had our lunch there. Grandpa ordered kinilaw (hubby's fave), Mongolian spare ribs, lechon kawali, chicken barbecue. We tried to have lil girl walk through the sand but it's not that very clean so we decided to let her try in the swimming pool. There, she enjoyed very much. Too bad, we were not able to bring our camera for documentation:). We'll try to visit again the place next time since it's just near to us. The election day turned out to be a fun family day for us. After that, we go back to our polling precincts and vote.
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  1. wow you used this day to really hang out and bond wth your family. it sure looks fun. the lines on the precints were so long though. have a nice day there


  2. dang it i didn't get to vote! i lined up to one of the craziest line ever in my entire life. 3 hours of waiting and we were still half-way. i found out that when you reach the end of the line, you'll get a priority number. like, what the f??!! on top of that, it was raining and we were soaked.

    havta catch a boat back to where i work so i left, without that indelible ink on my pointing finger. sad.

  3. wow! good thing for you coz you were able to bond with your family :D kame, hindi, ee..poll watcher kasi ang mother ko dito samin :)

    but anyways, i just hope that ONLY DESERVING CANDIDATE will win in our election :)

  4. Wow, ang sarap naman nang tanghalian ninyo, lol. Ganun din ang nangyari sa akin. 7 am pa lang ay nagpunta na ako sa presinto para bumoto pero pag dating ko ay marami nang tao at nang kumuha ako nang numero ay number 104 ako. Ang siste nito ay ayaw gumana nang pcos machine kaya lahat kami ay naghihintay na gumana ito. Naayos din ang pcos machine at nagumpisa ang botohan nang 9:30am. Nakaboto ako nang pasado alas diyes na. Pero masaya na rin ako dahil ako ay nakaboto at hindi inireject nang pcos machine ang balota ko. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  5. It is good to spend time with the family. Is the food nice? What a waste you couldn't take pics.


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