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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Little Sis Visits Dallas

My sister Jilyn is really lucky. She went to Dallas on an all expense paid trip to attend the marriage of her best friend Weng, it will be a church wedding and the reception will be held at a certain banquet halls in Dallas. She is about to marry her boyfriend of 5 yrs Steve, both of them are Filipinos who are now working abroad there at Dallas.

She was about to take me with her as a companion but I was really busy at work so she had our little sister Jeavy to accompany her on the trip. Knowing my sister I'm sure she would visit amusement parks and restaurants. Maybe more on restaurants hahahaha, she really likes to eat. I am sure she already searched on the Internet and already have a list of Dallas texmex restaurantto visit.

The wedding was solemn and only a few selected persons were invited. Weng only invited person closest to her and to Steve, I think I remember Jilyn mentioning roughly about 80 persons attended. After the wedding they went to banquet halls, Texas. I still can't remember the name of the restaurant though but she said the catering service  was good, and the food was delicious. She's not that familiar with the menu that was served but most of it were Mexican. 

After the wedding they still had a few days to spend in Dallas and of course, Jilyn and Jeavy visited some of great attractions that Dallas had to offer. But of course I reminded both of them to never forget to bring a souvenir for me. A souvenir from each of them of course hehehehe. Both of them have a blast at their trip and although I am a bit jealous of the two of them though. I hope I will have a chance to go in Dallas maybe a few years from now.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Eating Out with Family at Gerry's Grill

Bonding with one's family is very important.  It makes your relationship with each other stronger and it makes you get closer with one another.  One of the best ways to bond with your family is to dine out.  Sometimes, we need to indulge and dine out at a favorite restaurant just to chill out and enjoy that precious moment with your loved ones.

Hubby and little girl

Little girl scans the menu

Lil girl's fave - pork liempo

My fave - grilled tuna belly

One fine day, me and hubby felt bored just staying at home.  We thought of going out and we headed to Abreeza mall to check on restaurants that serve our favorite foods.  Our toes brought us to Gerry's Grill restaurant.  The fact that the place is not crowded is really a huge advantage.  It took us not too long to wait for our orders to be served.

Guys, if you feel like chilling out and bonding with your family, don't hesitate to indulge and go to your fave restaurant and eat out.  As long as it is not becoming a routine for you, it's all right to spend some bucks dining out.  It surely is worth it.
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Tile for Our House for Rent

We are currently having our house for rent, since our house is very far from where we are working. My family is currently staying in my parent's house. I guess it's also a good choice since our daughter is still 4 years old and we have no house helper to take care of her when we are off to duty.

We are currently using floor mat as a flooring for our house, but the problem with mats is, it accumulates dirt, and its easily damaged. So I decided to get rid of the floor mat and change it to something better and durable. But of course this things don't come cheap. Me and my hubby are trying to choose whether to use vinyl or maybe ceramic tiles. I have a hand on how to put vinyl tiles so labor payment won't be a problem. Vinyl maybe lesser in cost compared to the traditional ceramic tile. But I think it won't last that long. So we decided to replace the floor mat with ceramic tiles. I know it is a little costly and you have to hire a professional to install the ceramic tiles, but in the long run I think it was the best choice, since it would last long compared to our floor mat.

I tried going online, and maybe I could find some sites that are having a sales discount on tiles. Some of my friends said try to Shop Clear Lakes best selection, maybe we can find a great deal on ceramic tiles. This would be a great month to have them installed since we currently have no work since its Christmas vacation already. I think a professional can finish this in a week or so, after its finished I hope this tiles would last.

Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Are you Parenting Responsibly?

Being a parent is the greatest joy in the lives of those blessed with children. When we think of the ideal “good parent”, a barrage of things come to mind such as the ability to discipline fairly, nurturing, encouraging, and providing love and safety. Our children are such a vital part of our lives that we can’t imagine life without them, or vice versa. As a result, many parents stop to ask themselves “what if I died suddenly”. Of course good parents have a backup as far as who will continue raising their children (like an aunt for example). But good parenting doesn’t just encompass “the now”, but also the “what ifs”. Having a backup plan in place for someone to step in and raise your kids is great, but a responsible parent needs to ensure the child’s financial security. Appropriate websites, such as one like, provide a parent with an insight into the various types of policies that can safeguard their child’s future.

Is Life Insurance Worth the Expense?

Entertaining the thought of dealing with life insurance sounds about as much fun as standing in line at the DMV. However, part of being a responsible parent is to ensure your child has ALL the care that can possibly be given. In a financial article by US News, the author sites a recent survey by the nonprofit LIFE Foundation in which one in four Americans considering canceling their life insurance policy in order to save money during the recession. The author then points out some reasons of consideration that argue why this is not a good decision. As for parents, this certainly does not attest to the role of a good caregiver. Sure, you can take your child to the dentist, buy them the latest “must have” videogame console, and get them that expensive iPad that they swear is going to help them improve their homework. If you are willing to go the distance to provide your child with proper dental care and give him/her the luxuries you didn’t have as a child, then why not do what really matters, and make sure your children will be cared for properly after you are gone? 

parenting, life insurance

The Challenges Faced by Parentless Children 

In the tragic event of your untimely death, it is safe to say your kids will be cared for by a family member, or by your spouse if you are married. Regardless, there will be major unforeseen financial expenses left over for your spouse to deal with who is now a single parent, or your family member will be taking on the major expenses that come with having an addition to the household. Either way, the caregiver will most likely have to work additional hours in order to provide for your child. Unfortunately, this will negatively affect your child on multiple levels.

Having experienced the tragedy of losing a parent, your child should be in a situation where a loving guardian can nurture and comfort them. If you failed to obtain a life insurance policy, your children’s caregiver will be unavailable at no fault of their own. They will have to work more in order to provide your child with life’s necessities. By purchasing a life insurance policy, you are ensuring your child will be in the constant loving care of someone who can help them get through the troubling times ahead.
Another challenge your child will face lies in their educational future. As is the norm, most life insurance policies pay out five to ten times worth your total annual income—more than enough money to make sure your child has a college education, and the things he/she needs in order to get through school and learn, play and grow with peers.

Protect Them, Always

We all hope to live long, happy and healthy lives. But the truth of the matter is that nobody has an oracle in their backyard where they can gaze into the future. Terrible tragedies happen all too often, and though we have no guarantee that we won’t fall prey to tragedy, we do have the ability to make sure that such a tragedy won’t ruin the lives of our children. Do some research online, contact a life insurance professional, and find out which policy will best protect your children.

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Learning Through Playing Games

Keona has just turned 4 years old recently and I want her to be ready with schooling next school-year.  Me and hubby agreed to teach her basic mathematics and some basic skills appropriate for her age like identifying colors. learning the letters in the alphabet, identifying sounds of animals, learning how to use the computer and others.

Lately, Keona has learned to manipulate the computer and so, we introduce her to games that will make her learn something while having fun.  She develop fondness for some games and some of it, she's afraid to play herself.  There are games that she love so much yet, she just wants to be an observer.  She wants either hubby or me to play it while she watches us playing.

Just like any kids, toddlers love to play games on the computer.  So as a responsible parent, our role is to guide our little ones into playing games that will make them learn at the same time, having a good time. There are numerous games online that you may introduce to your child to make them learn faster.

Games for Learning

Learning the alphabet at  My officemate introduced me to this website since she used to tutor kids when she was still working at a nearby school.  It's a very good resource for toddlers to learn to identify the alphabet letters.  It is colorful and there are many illustrations so kids will really love it.  Our little girl learns to identify the alphabet through this website.

Fishdom.  This is a fun game for kids including adults (I love this game,lol).  They will make them  learn how to beautify the aquarium and give comfort to the fish by providing what they need like food through shopping.

Farm frenzy.  This is a game about farming.   Since there is no farm in the middle of the city, playing this game would introduce the kids how it is to be in the farm.

Cake shop.  This is a cool game where you work in a virtual cake shop.  In this game, your kiddos will learn about customer service, being time conscious and others.

Jojo's Fashion show.  Another game that Keona loves.  It is good for the little one's creativity because they have to dress up people and make them attend in a photo shoot.  It's as if they are  into fashion designing and styling.

There you have it guys.  Hope this gives you an idea on the games that are fun and lets your little ones learn easier. faster and in a fun way.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Moms Tucking their College Kids in at Bedtime the Easy Way

Just because your son or daughter is ready to enter college and begin a new milestone in their lives, doesn’t mean they have stopped being your baby. And making sure they get the best night’s sleep possible is vital to their educational success. When shopping for bedding, you can’t just pick any run-of-the-mill “bed in a box”—for almost all dorm beds are not the standard twin size we are used to, but rather they are slightly longer than their popular cousins. Your child will  need xlong twin sheets to guarantee the perfect fit, and provide maximum comfort. 

Online Shopping is Mom’s Best Friend  

Shopping with your kids may be fun for you, but most kids (especially boys) aren’t too keen on it. However, online shopping with your kids is usually more appealing to them, and it offers many benefits for moms. First of all, the back-to-school niche is hugely popular, and items sell out quickly in physical stores, even months in advance. But online stores almost always keep their inventory stocked. Also, competition is fiercer, so shoppers can usually get better deals online. Think about it this way: not too many people are willing to drive all over town visiting multiple stores to price bedding. But surfing the Internet with your feet up is easy, effortless, and everyone is doing it. Therefore, online retailers will typically fight tooth and nail to offer their customers the best deals. In addition, online shopping usually offers more product varieties than physical department stores will.

Another cost-saving benefit to online shopping revolves around the topic of impulse buying. In a recent article by Global Good Group, the author argues that because the shopper doesn’t have to pass through rows upon rows of other merchandise to get the product they want, one is least likely tempted to buy something that isn’t needed. The author continues that impulse buying is a substantial factor to household and personal overspending. When doing back-to-school shopping, especially for college level kids, saving money is more vital than ever to ensure the student gets what he/she truly needs. College life isn’t cheap, and buying only what is absolutely needed will pay off big.

It’s for more than just Sleeping 

When buying bedding for your college kid, remember that the bed is the greatest multi-functional item in their tiny dorm room. It not only serves as a place for sleep, but as a sofa for those social gatherings, a place to study, and a place for lounging about. Due to the fact that most dorm rooms are small and lack room for sofas and lounge chairs, the bed must serve dual purposes.  Providing your child with multiple choices in bedding will enable them to switch up the ambiance and style of their room, and ensure a feeling of newness and freshness into what could otherwise be a mundane room that always stays the same.

Shop Smart

Make it fun. Bring out a bowl of popcorn with your laptop and sit down with your child for a fun, stress-free online shopping trip. Engage with your son or daughter, and work together to find the best deals on XL twin bedding for their dorm room. And be sure to buy a multiple sets to offer some variety and ever-changing freshness to their room. After all, a fresh study environment will help nurture a fresh mind.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Gifts to Help You Lose That Holiday Weight

The time between Thanksgiving and the end of December is dangerous for many people. Dangerous because of the incredible dining options that tend to present themselves night after night. Cookies, pies, birds, pigs, these six-ish weeks tend to be a nonstop caloric nightmare for people who are concerned with their weight. If you’ve wanted to lose weight for a long time, or just need to shed those few pounds you gained sitting around the Thanksgiving table, there are tools that make shedding those pounds easy. You’ll feel great and look even better if you start making time for a workout everyday. Check out these holiday gifts that you should give yourself if you want to lose that stubborn holiday weight.


A kettlebell is an amazing piece of workout equipment that you will use everyday to get yourself on the track to losing weight and building muscle. The popularity of kettlebells has exploded over the last few years due primarily to the popularity of crossfit. Essentially, a kettlebell is a weight of varying size that combines strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training. It’s such a simple weight that really works out your whole body and can be done in your living room without a workout DVD. Kettlebells can burn up to 20 calories a minute, which is the equivalent of running a mile at a 6 minute pace. It will take up very little space in your home, so you won’t put it in your storage unit that you found on the Blog.


Sometimes finding the motivation to lose some weight can be as easy as buying yourself a new pair of headphones. Music keeps you motivated to do more and push yourself, and with good quality headphones you’ll find that you get some extra motivation. It can be hard to find a good pair of ear buds that stay in your ear during intense workouts, so spent a little bit of extra cash on a pair that’s specifically designed for working out. Read lots of reviews online to find the best headphones for working out, that won’t fall out of your head!


Get yourself a nice blender so you can easily make post workout smoothies that will keep your appetite down. If you have a blender that doesn’t work well, you probably don’t use it as often as you could. Opting to choose a smoothie as a meal replacement is a great idea that will have you slimming down quick. You can also use it to make healthy soups so your dinners aren’t full of holiday junk.

Exercise Clothing 

Getting yourself some new exercise clothing or running shoes is another fantastic way to motivate yourself to start losing some weight. A good pair of running shoes can be the difference between pushing yourself towards that extra mile or sitting on the couch in pain. Opt to redo your workout closet with some sleek new gear. Don’t buy too much though, because hopefully you’ll drop a few sizes after you start constantly working out!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Joint Birthday Celebration of Keona and Frezel

Our little Keona and her cousin Frezel Anne celebrate their birthday on the 29th of October.  Our Keona turned 4-years old while Frezel Anne turned 1.  We were very excited because it's the first time that they celebrate their birthdays together since they have the same birthdays.

birthday tarpaulin - first birthday
Frezel's birthday tarpaulin - first birthday

Birthday tarpaulin - 4th birthday
Keona's birthday tarpaulin -4th birthday

The Birthday Party Venue

Backdrop - Birthday Party - Disney Princess Theme
Birthday backdrop with Disney Princesses Theme
We were looking for a party venue and we had a lot of things to consider.  First is the venue itself, if it is big enough to accommodate both Keona and Frezel's guests.  Then next consideration is the accessibility.  We see to it that the party venue is accessible to us as well us to the guests, since most of them are having their work near the downtown area.  Another consideration is the ventilation of the place.  When there is crowd and party fun is going on, it is necessary for the place to remain cool and well-ventilated.  

After considering several venues for the joint party, we end up at McDonalds at Bajada, near Victoria Plaza, Davao City.

The Party Package

Another important thing to consider when planning a party is the party package.  What are the inclusions for the party package payment.  With McDonald's, the minimum is 30 pax.  That includes 30 balloons, 30 loot bags, the decorations of the place with the theme.  The theme of Keona and Frezel's birthday is 'The Disney Princesses".  So you can see faces of princess Aurora, Snow White, Belle of the Sleeping Beauty and other Disney princesses in the decoration of the place.  Another inclusion of the party package is the character appearance.   There were two character appearances in Keona and Frezel's birthday- they were Birdie and Grimace.

The Food

Food is one of the very important aspects in any party. So choose foods that will delight the guests -both adults and children and see to it that they will get satisfied with the food you'll serve them.  In McDonald's, you get to choose the food party package that you want to serve to your guests, so it's up to you which food package you want to serve them.

Other things to consider:

1. Birthday Cake.  Cake is not included in the party package at McDonald's.  In our case, we buy our cake at Goldilocks.  We ordered it 3 days before the party date.  There are a lot of cake designs  to choose at Goldilocks.  Be aware however that the prices reflected on their cake design album do not include the cake itself.  In other words, you get to add additional fee for the cake because the prices in the design album is only for the design.  Prices of cakes at Goldilocks are comparably higher compared with other local cake makers.  But it is worth it - the taste and the over all look of the cake.

Disney Princess theme Birthday cake - Goldilocks
Keona's birthday cake from Goldilocks - Disney Princess Theme

Goldilocks birthday cake
Frezel's Birthday Cake - Disney Princess Theme

2.   Dress of the Birthday Celebrators. Dress is another thing that you get to consider when having a party especially with children who are girls.  You can add a lot of bling-blings and "kikayness" (it's a word!) in them.  Since the theme of the party is "Disney Princesses", we dressed Keona and Frezel something that makes them look like princess too. We put on their heads a crown to complete hte princess look. Our little Keona even had with her a magic wand.  

Disney Princess Birthday Dress
Birthday Celebrators - Keona and Frezel in their lovely dresses

3.  More loot bags, party prizes and giveaways.  These are things that will add fun to the party.  It will make the party more memorable for kids and adults.

All in all, the good thing about holding your children's birthday party outside your home is the less hassle on your part because everything is settled to where your venue is.  You don't have to clean up.  All you have to do is pay for the party charges.  All in all, our expense for the birthday party of Keona and Frezel id approximately Php10, 000 as of this posting.  Not bad.

There you have it guys, happy party planning.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Let Your Family Experience the Beauty of Carnations

Flowers are beloved by many families, perhaps even more by my own. While most of us prefer the looks and fragrances of fresh flowers, it can be difficult finding just the right ones. Not only is price a concern, but so is the durability of the flowers—nothing is more sad than having fresh flowers die within hours of receiving them.
Carnations are one of the best selections out there because they solve these problems and more. Also, fresh carnations hold so many meanings that make them a great selection for a variety of occasions. Consider the possibilities and discover why these are a family favorite in our household.

Dianthus caryophyllus, Family, Flower, Mediterranean, Mediterranean Sea, Mother's Day, Oceania, Shopping

Saving Money

One big reason why we never used to buy fresh flowers on a regular basis is due to the prices. Going to the florist to get flowers all the time adds up, especially during certain times of the year. Buying wholesale carnations is the best solution because you are charged less per flower. While this might not sound like a big deal at first, it certainly adds up when you buy multiple flowers (who really buys just one flower?).
The company you purchase the carnations from also makes a difference. Businesses who strive to treat their employees well while ensuring customer satisfaction tend to have the best prices. Global Rose has long been the leader in carnation sales because the company offers affordable flowers at the best process around. This allows you the opportunity to buy carnations on just about every occasion, as well as for decorating purposes.

Keeping it Fresh

Another obstacle in the flower buying business is the freshness factor. Many families buy flowers only to find them wilting within one to two days. Carnations fit into the lifestyles of all busy families and they never fail to please. Depending on the level of care, your carnations can last from one to two weeks—significantly longer than other flowers, such as roses. This is perfect for decorating your home because you don’t have to waste time changing flowers out of vases every few days.

But how do you ensure the longevity of your carnations? First, the flowers need fresh water to continue flourishing. The stems must also be trimmed every few days to make sure that the carnations are able to drink the water and stay beautiful.

Family Celebrations

Carnations have historically been a family flower for centuries. The flowers are originally from the Mediterranean, but they have since been harvested in several regions of the world. They symbolize undying love and affection, and they come in a variety of colors from reds to pinks and purples to white. Consider using carnations for a variety of family functions, including:

·      Weddings
·      Birthdays
·      Mother’s Day
·      Valentine’s Day
·      Parties and events
·      Decorating

You also have a say in the length of the stems of the flowers as well as the sizes of the blooms. For example, mini carnations are available if you want a more subtle look. Regardless of the exact choice, these carnations are truly pleasing to everyone in your family.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Choosing a Home

Choosing a home is not an easy task.  There are a lot of factors to consider.  My MIL and FIL are site visiting a number of subdivisions here in our place because BIL wants to purchase a house.  My little one also keeps on accompanying them since me and hubby are at work.

The first one that BIL really like is the one located at the south side of our city.  It is a high-density housing yet affordable.  It is also the only high-density housing nearest to city proper so BIL likes it a lot, plus the fact that it has a modern and elegant design.  However, when  the family visited the site, they don't like it because it is flood-prone area.

Yesterday, they visit another housing development at the northern part in our place and MIL likes it a lot.  The design and the floor plan are good.  It does not violate some feng shui principles that MIL is very particular with.  She also likes the materials being used especially the flooring which resembles the ones she saw at which she loves very much.  It also has a nice location since it is elevated which makes it safe from being flooded. I think BIL loves it there and it would be a wonderful home for a young family like them.

Strolling at SM Lanang Premier

Keona had a good time strolling at the newly opened SM Lanang Premier.  She went there with her grandma and grandpa.

Here she is posing for some photo opps...

Keona and Lola
Nice pose, LOLz

Keona with Bumble Bee

Keona and grandpa

She was really having a good time.  Thanks grannies for the stroll.  Till next time:).

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fixing Plumbing Problems

I was surprised to see our water bill suddenly skyrocketed this month.  I was wondering what was wrong because our water usage is just the same with the previous months.  I tried to figure out what is the problem and ask the house helper who does the laundry and dish washing if she consumed plenty of water. Our house help said the water consumption is just the same.

I surmised there must be leak in the pipes that are under the kitchen flooring.  I contacted a plumber  to check on it.  I admire our neighbor plumber who is expert in Slab Leak Detection because he is able to pinpoint where the leak exists. Problem solved!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Celebrating the Kadayawan Festival

August is a month for the celebration of the Kadayawan festival here in Davao particularly the third week of August. The whole family got out from the house and joined that fun of the streets - the floral parade. We arrived a little late because some floral floats have already started but we still able to see a lot of beautiful entries of floats decorated with fresh flowers and fruits. 

Floral Parade, Kadayawan Festival 2012, Davao City
Me and Keona during the Floral Parade
 After the floral parade which was already done at around 10:00 in the morning, we headed to Victoria Plaza for a morning snack.  We had pizza at Greenwich and Keona enjoyed a merry-go-round ride with hubby.

Merry-go-round Ride, Victoria Plaza, Davao City
Keona with hubby riding the merry-go-round
 I was really happy because Keona was really behaved when we were on the street witnessing the floral parade.  I used to dread bringing her with us because I don't get to enjoy the event since Keona becomes really unruly and even throw tantrums at times. This time, it's different.  She was well-behaved and all of us are having fun.

Here's what to do to make your toddler calm when you attend some events like the Kadayawan Festival.

1.  Make sure your toddler is well-rested.  Normally, toddler becomes unruly when they lack sleep.
2.  Give something for them to munch like bicuits, candies and others so that they will have something to be busy when they don't enjoy the event like you do.
3.  Talk to them.  Toddlers usually understand already. Teach them proper behavior when outside your home.

There you have it guys! Have a nice day everyone:).
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Tot Loves to Play at the Mall

Keona has been loving to stroll at the mall and she always wants to go to the play area. She has become bigger now and she befriends with other kids she meets wherever she is-mall, bank, restaurant and play areas in malls.

Here are her photos enjoying the rides in the play area at Gmall.

She enjoyed it a lot. Looking forward to our next malling:).
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Cushions for our Living Room Set

Our little Keona plays a lot. She has plenty of toys and she also loves to watch movies on DVD or VCD. Whatever she sees on the movies she watch, she mimics them. One of her favorites lately is Winnie the Pooh and she loves to follow what Tigger does, jumping!

She jumps on the floor, on our bed and in the living room set. Since the living room set is designed for sitting and not jumping, ours become worn out and dilapidated and really needs to be repaired or replaced.

Hubby and I are weighing if we are going to have it repaired or we will just buy a new one. Scanning and sifting information online, I came across, a great site for everyone's cushion needs. They offer a wide array of cushions like chair cusions, seat cushions, chaise cushions, bench cushions, throw pillows and more.

What I like the most from them is that you can have your customized cushion, depending on your needs-indoor cushions, outdoor cushions and patio cushions. You can have the fabric of your choice so it is very personalized.

What me and hubby are considering in choosing cushion for our living room seat are comfort, elegance and a nice color. Hubby and me agreed to have the color red for our indoor seat cushion for we believe that the red color brings good luck to us. We are also going to put a flowered fabric cushion on our patio seat where our little girl spends lovely afternoon relaxing, watching passers-by in our street and sometimes play with our dog, Beauty. A flowery fabric is very much fitted outside for it radiates the beauty of the garden in front of our house.

Yay, I'm already very excited to have our seats installed with cushion to make it look elegant and most especially comfortable to sit on.
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Kid-friendly Flooring

We are in the process of changing the flooring of our house since the old one is already looking dirty and filthy. I personally want it to look elegant, comfortable and durable. My hubby and I are scouting for flooring that would fit to our liking. We want to get the worth of our expenses so we are very careful in choosing the perfect flooring for our house. We want it to last for a long time and give our house an elegant and harmonious look.

Since we have a small kid in our house whose energy is super huge, we wanted a flooring that is kid-friendly. Our little one often jumps around, run from the room to the living room and the kitchen. She ramps and sometimes pretend to be a model being a cutie girly pie that she is. She really has a full of energy and we want our flooring to be safe for our kid.

Our first consideration this time in choosing for a flooring is that first and foremost, it must not be slippery to avoid disaster with our tot. It must also be elegant and I prefer something that is light-colored to give an impression of a big look since our house is not that really big.

Searching for the best flooring for our house is easier with the aid of the Internet. You get a lot of ideas on flooring. One of the best sites I have been into is Flooring America. You get to see plenty of flooring, from vinyl, carpet, laminate, tiles and you can just scan their products through their website so that you will get to choose what's the best flooring for your home. Just click here to see for yourself and give the flooring of your home a new look.
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Happy Feast of St. Paul and St. Peter 2012

Little girl going shopping

We have no work today. Yay, I love it so much. Holidays are indeed little joys for working parents like us.

Working in a Catholic institution has these perks. We get to enjoy fiesta holidays and it is such a big thing for us because it means quality time for our little one and of course, an extra day to do some house cleaning and lazing around the house.

Little girl has been really getting bigger, wiser and full of energy dancing, jumping which can be an issue sometimes because she can get sprained at times due to carelessness. Thanks to her favorite DVDs and CDs which the only ones to calm her down and get glued on TV.
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flooring Ideas For My House

Its been years now since we have been staying in my parents house. My house is very far from where I work, and ever since baby girl was born we stayed in my parents house since its way nearer compared to my house which will take 1 hour ride to work. Aside from that I feel at ease when it's my mom and dad who is looking after my baby girl. I really don't trust leaving my child in the hands of a nanny.

Last week since we have no work, me and hubby visited our house, and we noticed a dirt piled up on our floor mat (we decided to put a floor mat on our house since it's easy to install). When we took a closer look it wasn't just dirt, it was ants, and the floor was moist. (This has happened before even if when we are still staying in the house). So me and hubby decided to ditch the floor mat.

Now we are trying to decide which flooring ideas would be best to replace our floor mat, hubby want to replace it with tiles while I want to use vinyl for the flooring. He wants to replace it with tiles since for him its clean to look, it is much durable compared to vinyl and because tile are cold and hubby likes to lie down on the floor especially when it's cold. However, having tiles cost very much, so my pick would be the vinyl as far as money is concerned. Although vinyl is not that durable compared to a tile, but still I think its much better compared to our rubber floor mat, and besides that, me and hubby can install the vinyl ourselves compare to a tile in which we will be force to hire labor for it to be installed.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

Celebrating Father's day makes me feel nostalgic for it makes me miss my father and brings me back memories of him. Being a father is not easy. They are the head of the family and they need to be strong and provide for the whole family.

I admire my father for he is very hardworking and loving. He also was very tolerant of us yet he is very protective. I can relate how protective my hubby now with our own girl. That's the way fathers are.

To my hubby and all the fathers in the world, a very happy Father's Day 2012. Continue to be a blessing to your family.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day 2012

Mom's are the most wonderful gift God has given to us. They are selfless and never tire loving their children. They are firm and strong yet gentle and tender. They have the capacity to run a home yet they can be a strong manager or office worker in their respective work.

Being a mom myself, I now realize how blessed I am for being a mom. Not every woman is blessed to be a mother. Looking at my own mom now, I can't help but think how she is able to raise six of us, knowing that it is never easy to juggle household chores, office and running a small business on the side.

I salute my Mom and I am forever grateful of her. To my Mom, I love you very much and may you remain healthy always and be showered with God's blessings. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What to Do When Travelling with Twin Toddlers?

Me and hubby went to Cebu last mid-April for a spiritual retreat. While we were at Davao International Airport waiting for the go signal to board, our attention was diverted to two cute twins. We were amused because the one watching for them tied one each of them so it is easy for her to watch over them.

Here are some photos hubby got...

Having 2 toddlers to watch for is really not easy. They go anywhere and want to do things on their own. I think what the woman does is just right so that she will not lose one of the twins. What do you think guys? Would you do the same if you were in this woman's shoe taking care of those two twins?

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Foods to Avoid When You Suspect Your Child has an Allergy

My little Keona has had bouts of cough and colds and sometimes, she has some rashes on her skin. When we had her checked by her pediatrician, he told us that the rashes on her skin is an allergy and her intermittent colds can be an allergy as well because it comes and go and comes again.

So if you suspect your child has an allergy, here are some foods to avoid:

  • Nuts- all kinds of nuts - peanuts, cashew nuts, etc.
  • Seafoods like shrimp, crabs, squid
  • Coca cola soft drink (it has a nut, according to the doctor, I only knew it now)
  • Chocolate (it belongs to the family of nuts, cacao)
  • Chicken and other poultry products like eggs

Aside from the foods that you have to avoid, environment and the stuff that your baby use can be a contributing factor for your baby's allergy as well. When your baby is suffering from an allergy, you have to roll out all possible causes that potentially the culprit of the allergy. Here are some additional tips that worthy to be observed if your child has an allergy...

  • Change bedding and mattress that your baby use as often as possible to avoid dust from accumulating.
  • Always clean your room especially where your baby is staying, including windows and every nook that may be collecting dusts.
  • Use a mild soap for your baby. Babies who are very prone to allergy can have it even when using baby soaps and shampoos that are hypoallergenic and claims to be very mild. My little girl's pediatrician recommends using Cetaphil gentle cleanse because it is non-soap base and non-comedogenic.
  • use the mildest soap possible when doing the laundry of your child's clothes, nappies and every cloth he/she uses including bed sheets. Our pediatrician recommends us to using Perla white soap.
  • Stuffed toys of your child may be cuddly but they can also be the home of so many dust so it's better to entirely get rid of them.
  • If you have pets like cats and dogs, their fur can be a trigger for your kid's allergy, so avoid having your pets in contact with your child.

That's all for now folks, have a great day.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Today is Easter Sunday. I would like to greet all my online friends, relatives a very happy Easter. After Jesus has died he is resurrected from the dead. This is a time for us to be really thankful to God for giving us his life.

It is also a reminder for us not to dwell on our live's negativity. Instead, we have to be grateful for all the blessings that we have received from Him. If we have problems and trials that's on our way, we have to remember that like Jesus, a day will come that we will see sunshine after the rain. Have a blessed and blissful Easter everyone.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Graduation to my Brod Orville

My brother Orville graduated from his AB Philosophy course last Sunday. He is studying at the University of the Immaculate Conception for 2 years. He came from the St. Francis Xavier Seminary.

After some sleepless nights of doing thesis, he finally graduated. Now he has to face the real world, armed with all the knowledge and skills he learned from his schooling.

I just wanna extend my heartfelt congratulations to you my dear brod. I hope for the success in your endeavors.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Planning for Our Family's Financial Future

I have been really keen on planning with our finances nowadays. I am learning the ropes towards the achievement of financial freedom that I long to meet. I read a lot about books on financial literacy and steps to achieving financial independence. There are really a lot of books and resources that talks about managing finances and how to achieve financial freedom but they are all theory and making them into real action is easier said than done. It is real hard work, patience, determination, perseverance and constancy to purpose. All my tasks should be geared towards achieving this goal and I believe the very essence of it is to discipline our expenses. We need to be able to identify which one is need and wants. We need to prioritize the needs and just forego of our wants which we can live anyway without them.

I am very fortunate that a colleague who I casually talked volunteered to be my personal coach about financial freedom when she learned I am very interested about it. She brought a brochure and explained to me steps on becoming financially free. I learned that we need to get out of debt first. Then we also have to set aside funds for emergency. The next thing that we need to have is protection and we need to get temporary plans so that when somebody needs it in the family, we can use the plan without ruining the family's budget. She also introduced me to Kaiser plan for our insurance because it is a very good company and an excellent reputation. To learn more about Kaiser and their products and services, just click here.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Keona Stays in Hubby's Office

Keona had her check-up with her pediatrician the other day. She has a cough and I am self-medicating her with the prescription of her doctor the other month, when she had also a cough. After several days of medication, her cough is not gone so we had her checked by her pediatrician.

The doctor said it's only upper respiratory infection and so there is no need for her to take antibiotic. I am glad because she has had antibiotics the other month due to pneumonia aside from the fact that it is also costly.

After the check-up, we asked Keona if she wanted to go home with grandma and grandpa or stay with her papa in the office. Keona is very outgoing and she right away said she wants to go with her papa. It is good that papa is not so much busy in the office because there's an activity going on in his company. Keona spent her after noon in hubby's office watching her favorite cartoon movies.

When I got out to work, I fetched them and we went to Jollibee for her dinner. When we reached home, she is already very sleepy since that was already around 6:30 in the evening.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Looking for a Playschool Nearby

Our little Keona is already 3 years old and by next school year, we want her to be in a playschool. She is very much interested with studying already and we wanted her to go to school so that she'll be able to adjust in a school environment.

Me and hubby are looking for a playschool that is reputable and want it just near our house. We will go through our neighborhood and scout for tuition fee prices for a toddler like our little girl.
Hopefully, little Keona will be able to adjust school life and at the same time learn something just by playing.

We have taught her already at home some basics like ABC although she cannot identify yet all letters in the alphabet. She can also count 1 to 10. We also taught her basic good manners like saying "Thank you", "please" , "sorry", and greetings like "good morning." Hopefully, everything will get as planned and Keona will grow up a good person.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Food Lover

Everybody loves food. It is always associated with celebrations, parties, get-together with friends, dates with husband or friends, outings and gatherings. When it comes to food, I am always attracted with the presentation and color. A beautiful presentation and color makes me feel that the food is created with love and gusto and therefore it must be delicious. The aroma of the food also counts. A good aroma somehow entails a well-prepared food which can be associated with good taste so there is that feeling of anticipation.
My friend Liz is always my companion when it comes to food trips. It is maybe because we have similar preferences when it comes to food and we love to explore what are the new restaurants or new addition to menus of existing restaurants in town.
But she moved to the US and so we just update ourselves with our foodie escapades. My friend Liz told me she just had a blast eating a Mexican food delight. She's been craving to have one ever since she left our country and ventured abroad. She is a food lover, and loves to visit places and have an eating spree on what that place has to offer.
Last week she visited a friend in Dallas, and Dallas has plenty of nice restaurants to offer. She even visited a place named Frisco, it is the first time I ever heard of the place. But she has a lot of nice things to say of Frisco, especially one restaurant she went in. She said to me this place has some of the best Mexican food  restaurant to be found. I myself am not familiar with Mexican cuisine. The only thing I know Mexican is Tacos and Buritos, I'm not even sure if it is Mexican hahahaha. Although she has one specific Mexican restaurant she really likes.
That’s all for now folks, have a great day.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Collect Urine Sample for Urine C and S test

Urine check is a way of determining so many diseases. When I was pregnant, I have a urine check every now and then to determine if I have diabetes and monitor for a urinary tract infection.

When my little Keona was 4 months old, she was having UTI. It is becoming recurrent that her pediatrician suspected there might be physiological problems in her urinary tract and not just mere hygienic reason that she often has UTI. She referred us to a Nephrologist- a doctor specialist of kidney diseases. We had her undergo ultrasound which reveals that she is having ureteral reflux. Then she had to undergo VCUG- vesico-urethrogram to determine the grade level of her reflux.

The result of VCUG revealed a grade 3 reflux which does not necessitate surgical intervention and just a regular antibiotic which acts as a prophylaxis to keep the bacteria in a lower level so as not to have an infection which can result to damage kidneys. In spite of her prophylaxis, she had outbreaks and she keeps on getting an infection that we finally decided to have her undergo surgical operation.

After the operation, we have to monitor Keona's urine through Urine C and S test or urine culture and sensibility. It a test wherein we have to submit a urine sample to the laboratory and they will incubate it for 48 hours to see if there will be bacteria that will grow. If there's bacteria, there are corrsponding list of antibiotics that the laboratory people will determine if the bacteria growth will be susceptible or resistant. It means that those antibiotics that the bacteria is susceptible can cure the said bacteria while the resistant one's cannot cure it.

Lately, we have urine cs test and we are very sad because there's a bacteria growth on Keona's urine C and S test. Our doctor said that there might be a problem with the collection of the urine sample that we have submitted to the laboratory and he wanted us to have repeat urine culture and sensibility test. Indeed, the second urine cs test has no bacteria. The pediatrician is indeed right, it was the way we collected the urine sample.

To avoid getting trapped with the same problem and to avoid unnecessary expense on urine c and s, here are my tips on the proper collection of urine sample especially for baby girls like our little Keona.

1. Clean the vagina of the baby properly. Wash it with water.
2. Include the labia in cleaning your baby.
3. Use the cellophane urine collector if the baby is still infant or cannot manage to sit down yet when urinating. If possible, use a newly purchased baby urine collector and not an old stock one.
4. You can may use the plastic sterile urine collector if the baby can be instructed to sit down and collect urine properly.
5. Bring it or submit it right away to the laboratory, not later than 1 hour after collection.

That's all for now folks. Have a great day. Stay blissful, blessed and healthy everyone:).

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Monday, January 23, 2012

No Scoliosis and Pneumonia is Gone

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I really felt down due to Keona's x-ray findings of scoliosis and pneumonia. When we had Keona checked by her pediatrician, he prescribed us with an antibiotic - Unasyn with a dosage of 3.5 ml /3x a day for a minimum of 10 days. On the 7th day of her taking the antibiotic, Keona underwent an X-ray as per advise by her pediatrician.

It was a thoraco-lumbar and APL x-ray to really look into the severity of her scoliosis and at the same time, to monitor her pneumonia. When I went to claim the result, I was surprised to see that there was a negative study of the scoliosis. Thankfully, Keona's pneumonia is also gone after 6 days of antibiotic.

I am really happy of the result. It turned out that the scoliosis findings on the x-ray was just an incidental finding and according to the pediatrician, it is just because of the positioning. We are really glad about it because we will not be bothered by that concern anymore.

Thanks be to God for giving us the grace and for Keona's recovery from pneumonia and the negative x-ray result of scoliosis.

I hope everyone is having a good day.

A Time to Relax During Chinese New Year

I am glad we had no work today because of the Chinese New Year. Last week, I have been very busy, at work and at home etc.

It's my first time to send someone a package to another country, actually it's my close friend's Liz birthday so I had to send her a gift I personally made for her. I got to a delivery station and was a bit confuse about their Shipping Options, I'm just glad their staff is helpful enough to guide me to the process.

Lately me and hubby are thinking of getting a car since Keona will be going to school this June. We are still weighing our option for a Car Transport or a public transport. I know we can save a lot on public transport compared to owning a car, but having a car has its benefit too, especially during the busy hours it's hard to get a ride and with a car we can go fetch Keona and his nanny earlier.

Keona last week was also having a cough so we are constantly monitoring her condition even at work to see that she gets her medication on time.

Having no work today was a breather, and with Keona's cough gone, it was a great day for relaxing.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Feel Down

My title describes what I'm feeling right now. I'm really down emotionally. Keona has had cough several days now. In fact many days already. It started even before Christmas. We had her checked and her pedia advised us to let her take bricanyl for her cough and disudrin for her colds. But both colds and cough never cease.

During our visit to her pedia, I told Dr. Mike that she might have primary complex tuberculosis because her cough is almost every other month and every time she has cough, she always takes antibiotic. This time, her pedia said that if she'll have still fever in the New Year, we would go to his clinic but Keona's fever is gone.

Our concern is her cough and it's getting severe in spite the medicine she's taking so we decided to have her undergo an X-ray. I got the X-ray result today and that what makes me feel down. Her X-ray result reveals an inflammatory lung disease compatible of a Pneumonia. Aside from that, the X-ray revealed she has scoliosis. I'm more concerned of the scoliosis because I know the inflammation in her lungs will be cured through antibiotics. Hopefully her scoliosis is not severe and it is just in relation to having her cough. Tomorrow we'll have to visit her doctor and let him know Keona's X-ray result. Hopefully, Keona's health will just be all right.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 Friends

I just wanna greet a happy new year 2012 to everyone. The past year brought us a bitter-sweet experiences and it has been a busy year and we are still thankful for all the blessings showered on us.

Lots have happened on me last year in terms of career. I was transferred to another department at work and I thought it was a hard new assignment only to find out it was the complete opposite. It was actually a blessing in disguise. Master studies is not easy yet I was able to pull up my first semester class with high grades. For all of those blessings, I am very thankful. And for all the trials and tribulations, still I am tankful I am able to pass through them and for all the learning I have taken from them.

I have plans and goals for this year 2012 and hopefully, the good Lord will grant all my heart's desires. If he'll will not, I just pray that I'll understand his message/ reasons why.

I always pray for Keona's good health. Her urine culture and sensibility recently has a bacteria and I hope it's just in the collection and not really from he inside. We have a repeat CS and I'm gonna get it tomorrow from the laboratory. Hopefully, it is negative from the bacteria. Her kidney/urinary bladder ultrasound result is good.

I hope for a more fruitful and blissful year ahead. Have a great day friends.
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