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Monday, August 27, 2012

Celebrating the Kadayawan Festival

August is a month for the celebration of the Kadayawan festival here in Davao particularly the third week of August. The whole family got out from the house and joined that fun of the streets - the floral parade. We arrived a little late because some floral floats have already started but we still able to see a lot of beautiful entries of floats decorated with fresh flowers and fruits. 

Floral Parade, Kadayawan Festival 2012, Davao City
Me and Keona during the Floral Parade
 After the floral parade which was already done at around 10:00 in the morning, we headed to Victoria Plaza for a morning snack.  We had pizza at Greenwich and Keona enjoyed a merry-go-round ride with hubby.

Merry-go-round Ride, Victoria Plaza, Davao City
Keona with hubby riding the merry-go-round
 I was really happy because Keona was really behaved when we were on the street witnessing the floral parade.  I used to dread bringing her with us because I don't get to enjoy the event since Keona becomes really unruly and even throw tantrums at times. This time, it's different.  She was well-behaved and all of us are having fun.

Here's what to do to make your toddler calm when you attend some events like the Kadayawan Festival.

1.  Make sure your toddler is well-rested.  Normally, toddler becomes unruly when they lack sleep.
2.  Give something for them to munch like bicuits, candies and others so that they will have something to be busy when they don't enjoy the event like you do.
3.  Talk to them.  Toddlers usually understand already. Teach them proper behavior when outside your home.

There you have it guys! Have a nice day everyone:).
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