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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fever Due to Cough and Colds

Little girl had a fever on June 30, 2013 (Sunday).  So when Monday comes, she had to skip school because we had her checked by Dr. Adolfo.  She was examined in the clinic and the pediatrician said we just have to continue her paracetamol for the fever.

She advised me to stop using the Pediasure as her milk because she already reach her ideal weight.  We have to shift to Enfakid.  With regards to her vitamins we have to shift from Profan Appetite Stimulant to Profan TLC for her maintenance.

On Tuesday, Keona goes back to school because she has no fever anymore although  her cough and colds somewhat is becoming full-blown.  However, on Wednesday dawn, her fever recurred at 38.5 degree Celsius.  So we had a check up again, lab test consisting of CBC and Urinalysis.  CBC is normal but in urinalysis, there were few bacteria.  Dr. Adolfo made us repeat the urinalysis - a clean catch, mid stream collection of urine because she doubted that the bacteria is just caused by the contamination in urine collection.  True enough, the second urinalysis result revealed no bacteria.

This time, her medications consist of:

Disudrin - 5ml / 3x/day - for the colds (advised to take for 2-3 days only)
Ambroxol [Expel] - 5ml/ 3x/day -for cough
Calpol - 10ml - for Fever

She did not go to school from Wednesday to Friday due to her cough, so that she can rest as well. We thought she is all right already in spite having cough and colds but on Saturday (June 13), she had fever again at 3pm-37 degree Celsius.  At around 7 in the evening it became a high grade fever rising to 38.5.  Since it's a Saturday, we brought her to Emergency Room at Limso to be checked by a resident physician because   I suspect, she is having lower respiratory infection.

When we arrived at the Emergency Room, the resident physician interviewed us and advised us to still undergo laboratory exams - CBC and Urinalysis.  After waiting 1 hour for the result, we have it interpreted by the resident physician.  She then explained to us the result.  

The physician explained thoroughly every bit of information in the result to us which makes me rally appreciate her. Her CBC is normal, generally but her white blood cell is high which means her body is fighting an infection.  What kind of infection? That's the question, and according to the result, it is a bacterial infection.  So the physician recommended that she will take antibiotic.  Her medication is:

Amoclav (400 mg/57 mg per 5 mL  Powder for Suspension) - 4ml 2x a day for 7 days

As of this time, she is still taking her antibiotic and there is still few cough and colds.  Hope it will be gone forever.  Thankfully, she is also back to school last Tuesday (July 16).

Note: She needs flu vaccination - Php1,100
          She needs also IPV booster - Php1800
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