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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Webhosting solutions

I have been considering of getting my own domain and hosting for some of my blogs. There's this site which provides coupons for webhosting,the coupons.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Showing her Favorite CD

Keona loves the Minnie Mouse clubhouse lately. She would shout "meeska mooska mickey mouse" together with Mickey Mouse so that the clubhouse will appear.

She also likes to sing the Hotdog Dance as well. She would make me and hubby dance with her. It's a long weekend since Monday is a holiday. Happy weekend everyone!
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Ready with Keona's Renal Scan

This month is scheduled for Keona's renal scan. We would have wanted to do it last week but there were inevitable circumstances that hinder us from doing it. We might be doing it in the weekend or next week. Hopefully, there will be no more interruptions and we can go on with our plan.

We want her undergo it before December comes so she can join with us with some planned party. She has been wanting to go to the beach since she heard us, hubby talking about going to the beach with some office mates. Need to go to bed now. Goodnight friends!
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre-bedtime Routine

Keona follows a certain routine everyday. She wakes up in the morning->take her breakfast->shower time->play->eat lunch->afternoon sleep->afternoon snacks->play->supper->play again->shower-> get back to her dreamland. This is her usual routine except on certain occasions that we go out and stroll or go to mall or grannies would bring her to where ever they'll go, sometimes to the bank, to the supermarket, etc.

I like it when it's time for hubby and Keona to take their shower before bedtime. I can go online while the two of them play in the bathroom. Last night, while, the two of them were on their usual playing inside the bathroom, hubby called me up. I went to check on them and they were having a good time. Hubby signaled that I get a camera and took a photo of the little girl. I just did as instructed and here are the photos I took...

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jollibee is Kid's Favorite

Jollibee surely captured the heart of the kids. Their TV commercial is very powerful that a lot of kids really wanted to dine at this popular food chain. They are wise enough to target kids in their ads because really, when it comes to malling or deciding where to eat, the kiddos become the boss. So where ever they want to dine, their wants are the ones being followed.

Today, we don't have work because it's declared a holiday. We went malling and little girl once again enjoyed the rides in the mall. While she was riding a makeshift mickey mouse in the kid's play area, she just suddenly shout "Jollibee, I want that Jollibee!". She then cried and shouted so loud looking at the kid in our side. I then look at the direction where she was facing and I saw the kid holding and hugging tight her Jollibee stuffed toy. That's when I realized why she went wild. She wants to take hold of Jollibee.

Hubby and me decided to buy her one. Hubby told me to ask the mother where they bought that Jollibee stuffed toy who was busy taking pictures of her kid. She told it can be bought at the Jollibee food counter. We right away went upstairs to buy one. The price is 290 pesos but we should buy first any Jollibee meals to be able to buy that stuffed toy.

Whoaaa! It was really never in our plan and budget to buy that stuffed toy but bought it for we know it will make Keona really happy. Every time we go to Jollibee and dine, she always hug that big, life-size statue of Jollibee. Now that she has the stuffed toy, she can hug it anytime she wants.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Keona Fell on the Floor

Yesterday afternoon, when Keona was asleep, I left her on bed while I had my afternoon snack in the living room watching TV at the same time. I heard a bang on the floor and I hurriedly went to our room. Keona crying so loud on the floor. She fell on the floor! I did not expect her to fall because we usually leave her alone in the bed.

When she calmed down after crying so hard, we ask her if she's feeling something painful in her body. She said none. We presume that she's just okay. But I really felt guilty. I should have taken my afternoon snacks in our room!
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Re-inventing her Look

Little Keona always wants to look different. That cap she wear is owned by grandma. The pink sun glasses was given by grandpa long time ago when she was still very young and it's only recently that she likes and wear it. Need to go to bed now. Good night everyone.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa myspace graphic comments

Today, hubby celebrates his 35th birthday. Happy birthday Papa. Keona and I, love you very much. The two of us may conspire to tease you sometimes but we want you to know that we love you very much:). You are the greatest hubby in the world. I bless the day when I met you .I hope and pray that our love for each other will stand the tests of time. I also hope & pray God will grant your heart's desires on your natal day. I wish you good health always, more years to come and more blessings. Happy birthday!!!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Happiness

These two people are my source of happiness, literally. I love to see them playing together, teasing each other. Most of the time they click together because hubby gives little girl time to play and let her toys like rubber duckie and green turtle float on her bathing water. Simple stuff, real happiness.
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Close Combat Training: The Best Way to Defend Yourself

Whenever I come home from work, and open the TV to watch news. There are always a news about a girl or a woman being raped, either by a friend, a relative or a stranger. This really makes me sick, especially if the one who rapes the victim is a close friend or the more a RELATIVE!!!!. It's really sad and heartbreaking. I told myself what a woman like me can do to even have a chance to defend myself against such acts. I'm not a big woman, just a shade under 5'3" and slim. What are my chances against a guy who is practically twice or thrice my size? So I ask my husband what would be the best solution, and he told me, "You have to know how to defend yourself". He on the other hand had some classes in martial arts during his college days but it was just part of his subject in Physical Education (PE), and they only teach some basic self defense.

So I tried searching the net if there are some sites and videos that can teach me to learn martial arts. The net has plenty of sites that offer self defense techniques, close combat, grappling, and more. But there's this one site that caught my attention. It's all about close combat training, and the guy explaining the training really knows what he is talking about, and he is really making sense of what he's talking about. The site contains video that teaches you about close combat. Although you have to pay for it, personally I would really love to buy it if I had the money, but as of now I'm still a little short on cash. But if you visit the site, you'll understand it, and believe how important this training is, and how it will help you in such dangerous situations. Nothing beats preparedness and close combat training skills when we are faced with circumstances that give us no choice but to defend ourselves.
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mild Fever

Me and hubby returned home from work a little late yesterday because we dropped by at the grocery store to buy Keona's milk, biscuits and other personal necessities. Upon arriving home, Keona was asleep because she went with Mom in the mall in the afternoon.

Hubby sneaked into our room, very careful not to create a sound, so Keona won't wake up. But Keona, upon hearing some footsteps right away looked at who has arrived and upon seeing hubby, she right away smiled and said "Hi Papa".

I hurriedly changed clothes and she demanded that she wants milk from me. Yes, I'm still breastfeeding her even if she's already 2 years old. My milk is yummier compared to her Nan HW, she says whenever I teased her that I'll stop breastfeeding her because she's already a big girl.

While I do my breastfeeding, I usually caress her, run my fingers on her hair or do massage on her legs. I noticed her temperature is unusually high and I compared it to mine just by simply putting my hand on my forehead. I really had a doubt so I grabbed the digital thermometer and checked her temperature. She indeed has a mild fever. It was 37.2 degree celsius. I right away told hubby about it and we had her take paracetamol which is stored in the cabinet.

As night deepened, we continued to monitor on her temperature and after taking on her 1:45 am dosage, her fever did not return anymore. In the morning, she's still asleep while we are off for work. So we just told Mom to observe her temperature and call us at work if there are problems with her. Hopefully, it will not go back.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nice Shoes for the Lilttle Ones

As early as now, I can see the fashion sense and taste for something pretty and cutie in my little girl. She already chooses her own dress and shoes. As she grows older, she has this fondness for pretty and comfortable shoes and sandals.

Little Keona has accumulated a number of shoes and sandals already and many of them are gifts and giveaways from her grannies. Well, the perks of being the only girl and the eldest grand daughter in my husband's side. She loves to wear them even when she's only at home. She would choose what color that she likes depending on her mood.LOLz

Even if she has plenty of sandals and shoes already, she can just use them for a few months and she outgrow it right away because kids, like her, grow really fast. So, we kept on buying her new ones adding to her collection. I love the joy and excitement in her face whenever we give her new sandals and shoes. She simply adore them.

As I was surfing the other night, she interrupted me and she wants me to carry her in front of the computer. Since I was planning to buy her new shoes and to keep her interested, we surf the net looking for baby shoes. She delights even simply by looking at them and she made her choice already so I have already in mind what I'm gonna buy soon.
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Topr Ec Droppers for October myspace graphic comments

Thank you very much to my top EC droppers for the month of October as well as to those who visited my site and did not make it to my top ten. I appreciate so much guys for your support. I hope to see you again for the next month.

Here are my top droppers for October...

Dropper # of drops
comatised 31 31
water in my tank 27
Aeolus Research 26
Business Blog 26
Finance Information 25
Entertainment Blog 25
Home Improvement and Furniture Blogs 25
Health Information 25
Technology Blog 24

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