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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nice Shoes for the Lilttle Ones

As early as now, I can see the fashion sense and taste for something pretty and cutie in my little girl. She already chooses her own dress and shoes. As she grows older, she has this fondness for pretty and comfortable shoes and sandals.

Little Keona has accumulated a number of shoes and sandals already and many of them are gifts and giveaways from her grannies. Well, the perks of being the only girl and the eldest grand daughter in my husband's side. She loves to wear them even when she's only at home. She would choose what color that she likes depending on her mood.LOLz

Even if she has plenty of sandals and shoes already, she can just use them for a few months and she outgrow it right away because kids, like her, grow really fast. So, we kept on buying her new ones adding to her collection. I love the joy and excitement in her face whenever we give her new sandals and shoes. She simply adore them.

As I was surfing the other night, she interrupted me and she wants me to carry her in front of the computer. Since I was planning to buy her new shoes and to keep her interested, we surf the net looking for baby shoes. She delights even simply by looking at them and she made her choice already so I have already in mind what I'm gonna buy soon.
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  1. I agree completely, kids grow at a very rapid rate, You have to buy new footwear at regular intervals of time as they grow at a fast pace.


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