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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mild Fever

Me and hubby returned home from work a little late yesterday because we dropped by at the grocery store to buy Keona's milk, biscuits and other personal necessities. Upon arriving home, Keona was asleep because she went with Mom in the mall in the afternoon.

Hubby sneaked into our room, very careful not to create a sound, so Keona won't wake up. But Keona, upon hearing some footsteps right away looked at who has arrived and upon seeing hubby, she right away smiled and said "Hi Papa".

I hurriedly changed clothes and she demanded that she wants milk from me. Yes, I'm still breastfeeding her even if she's already 2 years old. My milk is yummier compared to her Nan HW, she says whenever I teased her that I'll stop breastfeeding her because she's already a big girl.

While I do my breastfeeding, I usually caress her, run my fingers on her hair or do massage on her legs. I noticed her temperature is unusually high and I compared it to mine just by simply putting my hand on my forehead. I really had a doubt so I grabbed the digital thermometer and checked her temperature. She indeed has a mild fever. It was 37.2 degree celsius. I right away told hubby about it and we had her take paracetamol which is stored in the cabinet.

As night deepened, we continued to monitor on her temperature and after taking on her 1:45 am dosage, her fever did not return anymore. In the morning, she's still asleep while we are off for work. So we just told Mom to observe her temperature and call us at work if there are problems with her. Hopefully, it will not go back.
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