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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pre-bedtime Routine

Keona follows a certain routine everyday. She wakes up in the morning->take her breakfast->shower time->play->eat lunch->afternoon sleep->afternoon snacks->play->supper->play again->shower-> get back to her dreamland. This is her usual routine except on certain occasions that we go out and stroll or go to mall or grannies would bring her to where ever they'll go, sometimes to the bank, to the supermarket, etc.

I like it when it's time for hubby and Keona to take their shower before bedtime. I can go online while the two of them play in the bathroom. Last night, while, the two of them were on their usual playing inside the bathroom, hubby called me up. I went to check on them and they were having a good time. Hubby signaled that I get a camera and took a photo of the little girl. I just did as instructed and here are the photos I took...

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