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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Food Lover

Everybody loves food. It is always associated with celebrations, parties, get-together with friends, dates with husband or friends, outings and gatherings. When it comes to food, I am always attracted with the presentation and color. A beautiful presentation and color makes me feel that the food is created with love and gusto and therefore it must be delicious. The aroma of the food also counts. A good aroma somehow entails a well-prepared food which can be associated with good taste so there is that feeling of anticipation.
My friend Liz is always my companion when it comes to food trips. It is maybe because we have similar preferences when it comes to food and we love to explore what are the new restaurants or new addition to menus of existing restaurants in town.
But she moved to the US and so we just update ourselves with our foodie escapades. My friend Liz told me she just had a blast eating a Mexican food delight. She's been craving to have one ever since she left our country and ventured abroad. She is a food lover, and loves to visit places and have an eating spree on what that place has to offer.
Last week she visited a friend in Dallas, and Dallas has plenty of nice restaurants to offer. She even visited a place named Frisco, it is the first time I ever heard of the place. But she has a lot of nice things to say of Frisco, especially one restaurant she went in. She said to me this place has some of the best Mexican food  restaurant to be found. I myself am not familiar with Mexican cuisine. The only thing I know Mexican is Tacos and Buritos, I'm not even sure if it is Mexican hahahaha. Although she has one specific Mexican restaurant she really likes.
That’s all for now folks, have a great day.

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