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Monday, September 27, 2010

Decision Made

After inquiring and visiting the nearest Jollibee, me and hubby finally decided the kind of birthday celebration that well have for our little Keona. Few days from now, September will get to end and it's gonna be already October, Keona's birthday month.

We will have the Keona's second birthday celebration simple, small and just brief. Her birthday falls on a Friday so we'll have work on that day. Her guests will just be few close family and relatives and her Christening Godmothers and Godfathers. We'll also invite some of our office friends. I'm still considering being absent on her day.

With this plan, our expenses will be lesser since we are still saving for the renal scan and ultrasound which will be done soon after her birthday. This is in connection with her ureter and bladder surgical correction last year. Hopefully, everything will turn out okay.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Learning to Count

Little Keona has been learning to count. It'ss been quite sometime already that Grandma teaches her how to count. She has been listening to nursery rhymes that includes counting. So far her all time favorite is the nursery song...1, 2 buckle my shoe...3, 4 shot the door...

Last night, we were playing again and we did the counting while throwing her favorite balls of different colors. She can count already 1-10 without mistake. I love it when she's playing and at the same time learning.
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Monday, September 20, 2010


I have a hard time looking for time to blog. I usually do my blogging when I reached home from work when hubby and my little girl are playing.

Recently, it's been different. My lil girl demands that I play with them. Last night, while I was on the computer lil Keona told me to play with them. Throw, catch and bounce the balls that she has. I told her to just play with Papa because I was doing something on the computer. She replied " Mama, don't do it just yet, come play with us, sit on the floor and catch the ball that I throw". I have no choice but to play with them and I enjoyed it too. I love it when she giggles in delight and joy while all of us three are playing. Yeah, I may miss my virtual friends in the blagosphere but I really had a great time with hubby and little girl.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Herpangina Virus

My little girl was having a fever and she complained of something painful on her armpit. So I called up her pediatrician and told me to bring Keona to his clinic. Doctor Mike examined little girl's throat using a flashlight and a stick( I don't know the right term for it but it's sterile and looks like a handle of a popsicle). He found out that Keona is having a Herpangina virus so he prescribed us with an antiviral medicine. It's called methisoprinol (isoprinosine) with a dosage of 1/2 teaspoon or 2.5 ml for 3 days.

Since Keona was having a fever, her paracetamol is round-the-clock, it's every four hours, a tempra drops, 1.2 ml.

Never mind if I put all the information of her medicine here because I intentionally placed it her for future references.

On the second day that Keona was on medication, her fever started to cease and I was really happy and relieved.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sleepy Worker

That's what I am. My little girl was still asleep when me and hubby reached home yesterday. When all of us were having our dinner, we just heard her shout in the room. She was awaken from her sleep and was afraid for being alone in a dim room.

I right away went to our room and hug her. She was not still satisfied with her sleep and yet went straight to me and wanted to be carried. Few minutes after, she was already in full spirit and slept very late. So I was late as well in sleeping which result to my dizziness at work.
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kids Party or Buffet?

Next month, Keona will turn two. As early as now, me and hubby are already planning for her birthday celebration. We are thinking of either holding a kids party or just a buffet.

We have already inquired about kids party in a Jollibee and it's a little expensive compared with just a buffet. If we'll have kid's party, lil girl will surely enjoy it but the food will be limited to just the lauriat or the composition of foods that we are going to choose. If we'll have a buffet, it's less expensive and the adults will really have a full stomach since it is a buffet.

We are still weighing things up and determine which way to go.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Future Nurse or Doctor?

Lil girl plays a lot lately. She loves to toss the ball and chase it. When she's in the room, she would line up her stuffed toys. She would make them her patients and give them medicine or vitamins using her droppers. We are really amused looking at her. She would say "1.5 vitamins" and feed it to the toy she wants. She knows her vitamins dosage!
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

MyHeartWill Creates a Long Lasting Family Legacy

Have you ever wanted to live forever? Do you want to be remembered long after you're gone? Instill in your children lessons you have learned and make sure they don't forget you and all you've stood for. With MyHeartWill, your legacy lives on long after you have passed.

There's more to families than meets the eye. It's about perpetuating the human race. But with life ultimately comes death. But you shouldn't be afraid. With MyHeartWill, you will live on for eternity in the minds and hearts of your children and grandchildren.

Your beliefs and values are projected on through your offspring. It is important to take time in your family life to make sure you demonstrate those morals. Examine all your actions. Decide whether they are consistent with your values, and if they are not, differ what you do. Let your offspring see you be the change.

Most people don't think about their family legacy until it's too late. You can start now and building loving and lasting relations with everyone around you in a way that is both personal and intimate.

Discussions with your kids are also a means of imparting morals and preconceptions. Discussions around the dinner room is an idea method to do this, but it is only one option. Ban earbuds and communicate while you are driving in the car. Turn the television off and talk while you clean the kitchen. Plan a tribe day and spend a complete Saturday partying and talking in the park. Your family legacy is what you make it. When your kids see that your life has meaning, they can honor you and would admire you by carrying component of you inside themselves until they impart that part on to their own offspring. You will have instilled your beliefs in the next generation of your family. A belief that will live on long after you're gone.

Mica's First Birthday


A pose with Jollibbee

1st birthday cake for Mica

Mica and her Mom

This post is a delayed one because I am not much active in the blogging world lately due to my vision problems. Finally, I was able to get my new eyeglasses during lunch break today so I'm back to my blog hopping and blogging.

Baby Mica's birthday was last Saturday. It was held at Jollibbee Bolton. We arrived there earlier than the schedule so we were kinda bored waiting for the party to start. Lil girl together with grandma and Grandpa arrived a little late. Mica had many visitors. There were around 60 adults and 20 children who attended the party. Adults were served chicken meal while the children were served spaghetti.

The visitors were having so much fun. Before the eating time, parlor games were played. There were parlor games played by the children and there were separate set of games for the not-so-young and young-at-heart.

So much excitement were felt by the party goers after the meal. Two mascots - Jollibbe and Twirlie entertained us through dancing. Children became very unruly wanting to get the attention of the two mascots and many want to get a picture with them.

Here are some photos...
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free Lunch Buffet

I am the oldest left in my area of work. One colleague got married and had to resign. Another one was transferred due to qualification issue. The newly hired companion of mine got her first salary last week and promised us to treat with a lunch buffet so we had it yesterday. We headed to Tita D's, one of the cheapest buffet in town and so far, has the most number of yummy foods. We arrived there at around 11:30 in the morning and there were already few diners. We right away looked into the food display and they're indeed yummy.

There were fried shrimps, chicken which I did not get to prevent having my allergy. They has also pork adobo, shells, chop seuy , lumpia shanghai and appetizers like kinilaw, eggplant salad and seaweeds salad.

Although we were already very full, we still tasted the sweet desserts like cassava cake, buko pandan cake and maja blanca. I brought with me a point and shoot camera but to my dismay, I can't preview it when I took photos so I didn't take photos anymore. Too bad. When I reached home, I complained hubby about the camera and he just laughed at me because I did not press the display button so I can preview the object I want to take photos of. Well, I admit, I'm really not techie and that's the result of being too dependent to hubby when it comes to gadgets and new technology:(.
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Monday, September 6, 2010


Today I feel miserable. I don't wear my contact lens because I felt it's doesn't help anymore and it's giving me more trouble than help. The result? Misery! I have a hard time riding a public vehicle because I can hardly see. My vision is blurred and I can't read the signboard of their route. It's very stressful and my friends have mistaken me as "super strict" because I don't return their smiles. They do not know that I don't recognize them even in a closer distance. I'll have my eyeglasses on the 15th, my birthday. That's my gift for myself. Oh, I'm turning a year older but I'm thankful for the gift of life and I always embrace my "youth". "winks"

Have a great day friends:).
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

I need a New Eye Aid

My contact lens needs an upgrade/replacement. I'm becoming uncomfortable wearing my contact lens and I finally decided to go back with wearing eye glasses.

With eyeglasses, I just can take it anytime I want without worrying of being scratched. I don't have to worry also when I'm in a dusty place. I can wear it all the time I want it without worrying of my cornea not able to breath.

I have scouted already for a frame that would fit into my face shape and definitely I'd choose an eyeglass lens that's multi-coated. It's already anti-glare and doesn't have much reflection.

Happy start of the week friends.
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thanks to my August EC Droppers myspace graphic comments

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my top EC droppers for the month of August. I appreciate very much your visits and comments guys. You inspire me a lot. I may not very prompt in returning the drops to you but I really value your support guys. Thanks also to those who visit me and did not make it to the top ten. God bless us all.

Dropper # of drops 30
comatised 30 23
Jh3riz24 20
My Daily Catch 20
Things We Share 20
Vintage Fun for All! 18
Traveling Around The World 17
Grampys World 16
Healthy Living| 15

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We Got an Invitation

1st birthday invitation

Baby Mica, my niece will turn 1 on the 4th of September. How time really flies fast. It's like only yesterday that she was born a premature baby but she's already turning 1-year old, growing into a healthy and tall Baby Mica.

Troy gave hubby the invitation and her birthday party will be at Jollibbe Bolton here in Davao City. Lil Keona is very excited already. She has prepared already her new dress and sandals for the party. Looking forward to it. Happy weekend friends:)
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Securing my Family's Future

Being a career woman and have a family depending on me, I have been thinking of ways to secure my family's future. There are many ways I do it. I try to save as much as I can so I'll be able to sustain and provide my family's needs. As my child grows, her needs grow as well.

Another very important way to securing my family's future is through getting a life insurance plan. My husband has already gotten one for himself when he was still single. Now, we are looking for the best insurance quotes that we can afford based on our disposable income and have a good benefit and coverage. We need also to choose an insurance company that is already established and can be relied on.

Some might say that getting an insurance policy is a waste of money but for me, it's a necessity for future protection and it's one of the best ways to prepare for the future's uncertainties.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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