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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free Lunch Buffet

I am the oldest left in my area of work. One colleague got married and had to resign. Another one was transferred due to qualification issue. The newly hired companion of mine got her first salary last week and promised us to treat with a lunch buffet so we had it yesterday. We headed to Tita D's, one of the cheapest buffet in town and so far, has the most number of yummy foods. We arrived there at around 11:30 in the morning and there were already few diners. We right away looked into the food display and they're indeed yummy.

There were fried shrimps, chicken which I did not get to prevent having my allergy. They has also pork adobo, shells, chop seuy , lumpia shanghai and appetizers like kinilaw, eggplant salad and seaweeds salad.

Although we were already very full, we still tasted the sweet desserts like cassava cake, buko pandan cake and maja blanca. I brought with me a point and shoot camera but to my dismay, I can't preview it when I took photos so I didn't take photos anymore. Too bad. When I reached home, I complained hubby about the camera and he just laughed at me because I did not press the display button so I can preview the object I want to take photos of. Well, I admit, I'm really not techie and that's the result of being too dependent to hubby when it comes to gadgets and new technology:(.
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