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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lil Fashionista

As I have mentioned in my earlier post, me and Keona went along with hubby yesterday in the mall. We went to the children wear department and look for clothes for our lil girl. When we arrived there, she chose clothes like a pro and kept on saying "wow ganda!" (wow, beautiful!). We were really enjoying to see her select and collect clothes that she wants.
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Happy St. Peter's Feast

Today is the feast of St. Peter. It is one of the days that I look forward in year. Not because of the many foods because there's hardly any:), but because my company celebrates it so it means no work for us. Happy Tuesday friends and Happy fiesta for those who celebrate St. Peter's feast:).
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

No work

It's a beautiful Monday and we have no work till Wednesday. Yipeee! Holidays and no-work days are always a joy for us employees who spend 8 hours a day in the office. It means rest, family bonding, outing and anything that we can think of. Hubby wanted to have his haircut and I told him that me and Keona will go with him malling. Happy start of the week friends:).
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Friday, June 18, 2010

What's OK, What's NOT okay

As I de-clutter my personal files in my cabinet, I have found this beautiful inspiring thoughts written at the back of a scratch paper. I read it and it somehow lightens my day. I feel pressured this past few days. I don't feel good lately. Cough and colds with an aching head kept me company for the whole week. Lil girl doesn't have yaya so I'm still looking for one. So much things to do at the office and my boss asked me (us - w/workmates) a lot of things that sometimes are too much to handle.

Having read this lightens my heart so I'm sharing this to you guys.

It's OK to stop for awhile.
To give up and lose hope is not.

It's OK to mourn each loss,
To put your life on hold because of sadness and guilt is not.

It's OK to shake with fear.
To stop trying so you can avoid failure and rejection is not.

Its OK to rant and rave.
To get even and destroy out of envy, jealousy and hate is not.

It's OK to change your mind,
To continue what will never work is not.

It's OK to say no,
Waiting for everyone's approval is not.

It's OK to feel lonely,
To believe you're alone is not.

It's OK to feel stupid.
Using it as an excuse is not.

It's OK to feel lost.
Not studying your map is not.

It's OK to panic.
To forget plan B is not.

It's OK to lose your temper.
Refusing to apologize is not.

It's OK to argue,
Resisting to compromise is not.

It's OK to feel shame,
Being crippled by it is not.

It's OK to sacrifice,
To do it for the wring reason is not.

It's OK to cry,
To pity yourself and blame the world is not.

So go ahead, laugh in spite of your troubles; Sing to lift your heart and spirit, dance to give joy and energy.

We're all human. We're all imperfect.
But we can always choose life and keep hoping.

Celebrate each step in the right direction!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Done with Painting and Transfer

Finally, we are done with painting the house and we have transferred all our things. We hired a "lipat bahay" truck to transport our things and I actually felt it was a little pricey. We paid p1950.00 and we had only few things because grandpa already brought some of our smaller things. The only big ones are the living room set and the refrigerator. But we don't have anymore time to canvass and choose a lesser price for transport services. We need to vacate our house the soonest because the renters wanted to transfer already before the start of classes today. They are teachers in a primary school located in our neighborhood.

I'm glad that finally we are already settled and all we have to do is monitor the house from time to time. Need to go to bed early because I have cough and colds. I need to recover from the many times we had an overtime doing things in our house after we got out from work. Goodnight friends:).
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Fast Learner

Little Keona learns very fast. She can now count 1 to 10 and she recognizes already some of the letters in the Alphabet. She imitates what we say and do so we are very careful so she can imitate what is right and proper to say or do.
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32 hd tv

Monday, June 14, 2010

Not Feeling Well

I don't feel good today. I have cough and colds and my back is aching. I just had Ascof Lagundi as my medicine since it's safe for a breastfeeding Mom like me. I hope I'll not infect my lil girl Keona. Hopefully, I can recover soon. Need to be up for work and for my lil one.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We need a new Babysitter

Keona don't have a yaya anymore so we need a new one. Keona's yaya had been schooling every Sunday through the DECS program Alternative Learning System (ALS). It is a program intended for those who are out of school youth and still willing to go back to school. We're happy that Keona's yaya wanted to go to school so she can be educated and probably uplift her life through education. But lately, she became late in going home.

There's was one time that she arrived home at 7:00 o'clock in the evening when she is supposedly at home at 5-5:30. Her class starts at 8 in the morning and finish at 4:30 in the afternoon. When she did not arrived home at the expected time that she should, we were alarmed because we never know what might have happened to her. When she arrived, home she was accompanied by her teacher riding a motorcycle and it's her teacher who explained that she let yaya help in cleaning the classroom. Fine, but we told her to call up home or at least send a text message that she'll be late in going back home so we'll not be bothered where she is.

Another Sunday came but she's still was late in going back home. She reasoned that they were cleaning the classroom in preparation for the opening of classes and that she was not able to send a text message for she has a low battery. What a lame excuse. I was just wondering why they still have to clean when that week was scheduled for Brigada Eskwela, a program by DECS wherein students and parents go to school and do general cleaning in preparation for the school opening. She was reprimanded by Mom and the following day, she told me that her mother wanted her to go home. I just let her go. Good thing, her aunt who also is our house helper did not go home together with her. Her aunt told us that our yaya is really hard headed and don't even wanted to be disciplined by her own parents. Poor girl, I can see how gloomy her future can be. Hope she'll change for the better.

WW- Dating

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Painting weekend

I still had a very busy weekend. I was not able to rest and bond with my girl which I usually do during weekends for we are not yet finished with painting our house. The renters are scheduled to transfer on the 14th so we need to double time to finish the painting and vacate it on the 13th. I am also looking for transportation to get all our things there. Happy start of the week friends:)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WW- Getting inside the laundry basket

Loving that spicy soup

Hubby and I love spicy foods. We love that hot and spicy chicken from KFC and Jollibee, we like our pizza from Greenwhich filled with hot sauce, we love to put on hot chili on our sauce. And yes, whenever me and hubby go to our house in Mintal, we are usually busy and our schedule is full packed with cleaning, dusting, repairing so we don't have anymore time to cook food for ourselves. And our fave food? Hot spicy beef soup which just a text away and our order will arrived to us after 15 minutes together with 4 cups of rice.
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