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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Done with Painting and Transfer

Finally, we are done with painting the house and we have transferred all our things. We hired a "lipat bahay" truck to transport our things and I actually felt it was a little pricey. We paid p1950.00 and we had only few things because grandpa already brought some of our smaller things. The only big ones are the living room set and the refrigerator. But we don't have anymore time to canvass and choose a lesser price for transport services. We need to vacate our house the soonest because the renters wanted to transfer already before the start of classes today. They are teachers in a primary school located in our neighborhood.

I'm glad that finally we are already settled and all we have to do is monitor the house from time to time. Need to go to bed early because I have cough and colds. I need to recover from the many times we had an overtime doing things in our house after we got out from work. Goodnight friends:).
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