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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Painting weekend

I still had a very busy weekend. I was not able to rest and bond with my girl which I usually do during weekends for we are not yet finished with painting our house. The renters are scheduled to transfer on the 14th so we need to double time to finish the painting and vacate it on the 13th. I am also looking for transportation to get all our things there. Happy start of the week friends:)


  1. Good Luck with the painting. That is one thing I always disliked doing.

  2. Are you painting the house yourself or did you hire a professional painter to do it? It's not easy to paint a house. It will not look nice if the one who painted the house is not a professional painter. Balbon ang labas nang paint job. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. @ Russ, thanks for the constant visit. Yes, It's really not easy to paint but we need to do it:). Take care Grampy:)

    @ Mel. Yes we do the painting ourselves.Kahit na di kami professional painter mayron naman kaming adviser on how to do it.hehe.Nagtitipid kasi.LOLz. Sige lang, I'll take photos when we're done with our painting job.hehe.Thanks for the visit and God bless u too.Take good care always.


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