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Friday, June 18, 2010

What's OK, What's NOT okay

As I de-clutter my personal files in my cabinet, I have found this beautiful inspiring thoughts written at the back of a scratch paper. I read it and it somehow lightens my day. I feel pressured this past few days. I don't feel good lately. Cough and colds with an aching head kept me company for the whole week. Lil girl doesn't have yaya so I'm still looking for one. So much things to do at the office and my boss asked me (us - w/workmates) a lot of things that sometimes are too much to handle.

Having read this lightens my heart so I'm sharing this to you guys.

It's OK to stop for awhile.
To give up and lose hope is not.

It's OK to mourn each loss,
To put your life on hold because of sadness and guilt is not.

It's OK to shake with fear.
To stop trying so you can avoid failure and rejection is not.

Its OK to rant and rave.
To get even and destroy out of envy, jealousy and hate is not.

It's OK to change your mind,
To continue what will never work is not.

It's OK to say no,
Waiting for everyone's approval is not.

It's OK to feel lonely,
To believe you're alone is not.

It's OK to feel stupid.
Using it as an excuse is not.

It's OK to feel lost.
Not studying your map is not.

It's OK to panic.
To forget plan B is not.

It's OK to lose your temper.
Refusing to apologize is not.

It's OK to argue,
Resisting to compromise is not.

It's OK to feel shame,
Being crippled by it is not.

It's OK to sacrifice,
To do it for the wring reason is not.

It's OK to cry,
To pity yourself and blame the world is not.

So go ahead, laugh in spite of your troubles; Sing to lift your heart and spirit, dance to give joy and energy.

We're all human. We're all imperfect.
But we can always choose life and keep hoping.

Celebrate each step in the right direction!

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