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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flooding Cause Damage to Houses

I have been so very tired this last couple of days, its been raining like there's no tomorrow in our city. Floods, disaster are happening here and there, and I'm new to this sort of experience since, our city is rarely hit by such predicament. I really pity those victims of such disaster, having to start over again from scratch, starting from the house, down to the furnitures, and the emotional scar that will be forever embedded in their hearts.

I'm lucky our  Evissa Davao house is well elevated, it is not even close to any river banks that may overflow, just like what happened to some of the victims. 

I had a co-employee who was also a victim of the flood. Almost all his appliances are damaged, he vowed never to go back to that house again, and decided to rent a house. I found his family a good place to rent, although the flooring was not to his liking, I told him he can put a laminate flooring on it, which can easily be installed by him. I suggested some good site online where he can find quality okc laminate flooring. I would have suggested hardwood or tiles but I know it would take a big dent on their budget. Since they have to buy furnitures and some home appliances. 

As of this day, thank God the sun finally showed up, and finally feeling the heat that is brought by the sun, rather than the cold chilling wind I was feeling from this past days. My clothes would dry up soon now, yup I don't use a washing machine and a dryer in cleaning and drying my clothes. I wash it with hand and dry it under the heat of the sun. Its a good exercise for me though hehehehe. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pediatrician Visit due to Colds and Cough

We visited to the pediatrician last January 17, 2012 .  This is totally a new pedia doctor that we visited because her nephrologist-pediatrician is out of town.  I wanted Keona to be really checked on that day because of her persistent cough and colds.

Pediatrician's Check-up

Dr. Angliongto get the details of her medical history since it is her first visit to this particular doctor.  She then measured her height and got her weight and remark that Keona is tall but she is underweight.  Dr. Angliongto also checked on her ears, mouth, eyes and kept on answering Keona's question, 'What are you doing?".

Doctor's Advise

The doctor said lil girl is almost 2 kilos underweight for her height.  She advise us not to give her biscuits and anything she can munch so that she can eat plenty during regular meals.  Green leafy vegetables as well as prune juice, citrus should be given to her so she will have a regular poop since that is one of our problems with her, irregular bowel movement and constipation.  Since lil girl has an allergy, she is not allowed to play on stuffed toys because they can accumulate dust that may cause her to cough.

The medications

Dr. Angliongto give the following prescriptions:

Co-amoxiclav (antibiotic) - 3ml. -2x/day
Citirizine (antihistamine) - 4ml. - 1x/day
Salbutamol (anti asthma) - 5ml.-3x/day
Sangobion (iron)- 1 ml a day, gradually increase it while observing the poop because it can harden poop. This will be given when Keona gets well from her cough and colds.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Designing Your Baby Room on a Budget

Decorating your baby’s nursery is a fun and exciting event in your life. You have full creative freedom over everything, from the colors to the wallpaper! Unfortunately, like most other things that are fun, designing your baby’s room can also expensive. Just when you think you found the perfect rug, you see another more expensive rug that you have to have. There is good news, however; it’s very easy to design a beautiful baby room on a budget. There are plenty of ways to get everything you want for your baby’s room without breaking the bank and being forced to eat ramen for the first few years of your baby’s life. Check out these tips on how to make your baby’s room sparkle without any hurt on your wallet.

Look for Contests

Perhaps the best way to get everything you want for your baby’s room without even spending a dime is to find a contest offering a baby room makeover, and win it! At any given time, there are tons of contests like this available online that only take a few minutes of your time to enter. One of those such contests is the 21st Century Insurance Contest which challenges you to design a new baby on board sign. Weekly winners win a car seat of their choice, and the grand prize winner will get $10,000 to makeover their baby’s room with. Imagine what you could do with $10,000, you might be able to even put a saltwater fish tank in your baby’s room! Search around online for other contests like this, and enter them as often as possible.

Stuffed Animals

Rather than spend a ton of money on decorations, opt for some inexpensive stuffed animals for decoration. You can do a ton with cheap stuffed animals, including hanging flying ones from the ceiling and putting them up on the walls. This is a great alternative to hanging up prints, because it gives the room a more 3D feel that your baby will love. It will also give you an excuse to finally take that gigantic stuffed bear you won at the carnival out of the storage room! Think of it being like the Rainforest CafĂ©, except in your baby’s room.

Paint, Paint, Paint

Paint is the most inexpensive way to make your baby’s room stand out, and you can be very creative with how you paint. Leaving white walls is bland, so spruce up your baby’s room with some color. If you aren’t sure of the sex of your baby yet and you’re designing the room pre-birth, opt for a neutral gray or cream color. Feel free to get creative and paint some clouds on the ceiling. If you are sure of the sex of your baby and want to go with the traditional blue or pink, you should still add some flare to the room by painting designs on the wall. Stencils run very cheap or even free, and you will find that there’s sort of a relaxing element to painting.

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Floor Tiles and Hardwood Flooring for our House

Me and hubby already decided to have tiles on the flooring of our house. Before we wanted it to be rented but we decided not to, since we had an awful experience with our previous renter. I don't wanna go on to the details of that experience.

We already have a list of tiles to choose from, when we went to canvass on several stores selling tiles. But something caught my attention. There was a sample room with a nice flooring that I really liked. I asked the sales attendant and he said to me its a hardwood flooring. It really looks nice, expensive but nice. I decided that instead of having all the floors in our house tiled. I want our room to have a hardwood flooring. Since the guy said its warm if you are barefoot, and my hubby and my little girl like to walk barefoot in our room.

Hubby likes my idea of having our room and our daughter to have a hardwood flooring and the rest of the house to have tiles. But of course no matter what great ideas I have, we must have a budget to fulfill that idea of mine. I tried searching online maybe there will be a good discount on some of the sites that sell hardwood flooring, and boy was I not disappointed. I found a site that sells hardwood flooring and here is the great part Get $100 off today. Wow that is great.I's still waiting for hubby to come home from work to tell him about this. Hopefully he will agree with me and purchase it online. So we can start with our new flooring for our house. I know it would cost us a great amount of money, but I don't mind as long as its nice and durable.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

This is a little bit late but better late than never, right.  Anyways, we are still in the month of January so it is still a new year.  Christmas vacation was good.  It was a stressful vacation rather than a restful one because we evicted our house renter who did not pay the rent for several months and we have to do a lot of cleaning and repair of our rented house.

New year is something I always look forward to because of the sumptuous food being served during this day.  The joy of waiting for the New year's eve and the deafening sound of torotots and horns is something to be excited about.

The family on new Year's eve

New year 2013 was ushered with a lot of merry making and sound which is believed to ward off the negative energy of the past year.  We gathered together on the table and feasted on the lechon de leche (roasted pig).  We also had the 13 kinds of fruits on the table which we believe will bring good luck in the coming year.

We all wear red and some yellow because these colors are good for the new year.  Have a happy new year everyone.
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