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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Floor Tiles and Hardwood Flooring for our House

Me and hubby already decided to have tiles on the flooring of our house. Before we wanted it to be rented but we decided not to, since we had an awful experience with our previous renter. I don't wanna go on to the details of that experience.

We already have a list of tiles to choose from, when we went to canvass on several stores selling tiles. But something caught my attention. There was a sample room with a nice flooring that I really liked. I asked the sales attendant and he said to me its a hardwood flooring. It really looks nice, expensive but nice. I decided that instead of having all the floors in our house tiled. I want our room to have a hardwood flooring. Since the guy said its warm if you are barefoot, and my hubby and my little girl like to walk barefoot in our room.

Hubby likes my idea of having our room and our daughter to have a hardwood flooring and the rest of the house to have tiles. But of course no matter what great ideas I have, we must have a budget to fulfill that idea of mine. I tried searching online maybe there will be a good discount on some of the sites that sell hardwood flooring, and boy was I not disappointed. I found a site that sells hardwood flooring and here is the great part Get $100 off today. Wow that is great.I's still waiting for hubby to come home from work to tell him about this. Hopefully he will agree with me and purchase it online. So we can start with our new flooring for our house. I know it would cost us a great amount of money, but I don't mind as long as its nice and durable.

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