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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flooding Cause Damage to Houses

I have been so very tired this last couple of days, its been raining like there's no tomorrow in our city. Floods, disaster are happening here and there, and I'm new to this sort of experience since, our city is rarely hit by such predicament. I really pity those victims of such disaster, having to start over again from scratch, starting from the house, down to the furnitures, and the emotional scar that will be forever embedded in their hearts.

I'm lucky our  Evissa Davao house is well elevated, it is not even close to any river banks that may overflow, just like what happened to some of the victims. 

I had a co-employee who was also a victim of the flood. Almost all his appliances are damaged, he vowed never to go back to that house again, and decided to rent a house. I found his family a good place to rent, although the flooring was not to his liking, I told him he can put a laminate flooring on it, which can easily be installed by him. I suggested some good site online where he can find quality okc laminate flooring. I would have suggested hardwood or tiles but I know it would take a big dent on their budget. Since they have to buy furnitures and some home appliances. 

As of this day, thank God the sun finally showed up, and finally feeling the heat that is brought by the sun, rather than the cold chilling wind I was feeling from this past days. My clothes would dry up soon now, yup I don't use a washing machine and a dryer in cleaning and drying my clothes. I wash it with hand and dry it under the heat of the sun. Its a good exercise for me though hehehehe. 

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