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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mica's First Birthday


A pose with Jollibbee

1st birthday cake for Mica

Mica and her Mom

This post is a delayed one because I am not much active in the blogging world lately due to my vision problems. Finally, I was able to get my new eyeglasses during lunch break today so I'm back to my blog hopping and blogging.

Baby Mica's birthday was last Saturday. It was held at Jollibbee Bolton. We arrived there earlier than the schedule so we were kinda bored waiting for the party to start. Lil girl together with grandma and Grandpa arrived a little late. Mica had many visitors. There were around 60 adults and 20 children who attended the party. Adults were served chicken meal while the children were served spaghetti.

The visitors were having so much fun. Before the eating time, parlor games were played. There were parlor games played by the children and there were separate set of games for the not-so-young and young-at-heart.

So much excitement were felt by the party goers after the meal. Two mascots - Jollibbe and Twirlie entertained us through dancing. Children became very unruly wanting to get the attention of the two mascots and many want to get a picture with them.

Here are some photos...
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  1. Belated happy birthday mica. My baby turned one year old a few days ago too. :)


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