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Monday, September 20, 2010


I have a hard time looking for time to blog. I usually do my blogging when I reached home from work when hubby and my little girl are playing.

Recently, it's been different. My lil girl demands that I play with them. Last night, while I was on the computer lil Keona told me to play with them. Throw, catch and bounce the balls that she has. I told her to just play with Papa because I was doing something on the computer. She replied " Mama, don't do it just yet, come play with us, sit on the floor and catch the ball that I throw". I have no choice but to play with them and I enjoyed it too. I love it when she giggles in delight and joy while all of us three are playing. Yeah, I may miss my virtual friends in the blagosphere but I really had a great time with hubby and little girl.
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