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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Keona Fell on the Floor

Yesterday afternoon, when Keona was asleep, I left her on bed while I had my afternoon snack in the living room watching TV at the same time. I heard a bang on the floor and I hurriedly went to our room. Keona crying so loud on the floor. She fell on the floor! I did not expect her to fall because we usually leave her alone in the bed.

When she calmed down after crying so hard, we ask her if she's feeling something painful in her body. She said none. We presume that she's just okay. But I really felt guilty. I should have taken my afternoon snacks in our room!
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  1. Don't blame yourself. You most likely would not have been able to avoid it if you were in the same room as her. Sometimes things just happen. Glad she is alright.

  2. We have the same experience too. Mine was worst because I just put my son on the bed to get his own dress in the wardrobe, God I was surprised of the banging sound just a second. I'm shocked. If only I can build a fence that will protect him from anything but I guess it happens sometimes.


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