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Friday, November 5, 2010

Close Combat Training: The Best Way to Defend Yourself

Whenever I come home from work, and open the TV to watch news. There are always a news about a girl or a woman being raped, either by a friend, a relative or a stranger. This really makes me sick, especially if the one who rapes the victim is a close friend or the more a RELATIVE!!!!. It's really sad and heartbreaking. I told myself what a woman like me can do to even have a chance to defend myself against such acts. I'm not a big woman, just a shade under 5'3" and slim. What are my chances against a guy who is practically twice or thrice my size? So I ask my husband what would be the best solution, and he told me, "You have to know how to defend yourself". He on the other hand had some classes in martial arts during his college days but it was just part of his subject in Physical Education (PE), and they only teach some basic self defense.

So I tried searching the net if there are some sites and videos that can teach me to learn martial arts. The net has plenty of sites that offer self defense techniques, close combat, grappling, and more. But there's this one site that caught my attention. It's all about close combat training, and the guy explaining the training really knows what he is talking about, and he is really making sense of what he's talking about. The site contains video that teaches you about close combat. Although you have to pay for it, personally I would really love to buy it if I had the money, but as of now I'm still a little short on cash. But if you visit the site, you'll understand it, and believe how important this training is, and how it will help you in such dangerous situations. Nothing beats preparedness and close combat training skills when we are faced with circumstances that give us no choice but to defend ourselves.
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