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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jollibee is Kid's Favorite

Jollibee surely captured the heart of the kids. Their TV commercial is very powerful that a lot of kids really wanted to dine at this popular food chain. They are wise enough to target kids in their ads because really, when it comes to malling or deciding where to eat, the kiddos become the boss. So where ever they want to dine, their wants are the ones being followed.

Today, we don't have work because it's declared a holiday. We went malling and little girl once again enjoyed the rides in the mall. While she was riding a makeshift mickey mouse in the kid's play area, she just suddenly shout "Jollibee, I want that Jollibee!". She then cried and shouted so loud looking at the kid in our side. I then look at the direction where she was facing and I saw the kid holding and hugging tight her Jollibee stuffed toy. That's when I realized why she went wild. She wants to take hold of Jollibee.

Hubby and me decided to buy her one. Hubby told me to ask the mother where they bought that Jollibee stuffed toy who was busy taking pictures of her kid. She told it can be bought at the Jollibee food counter. We right away went upstairs to buy one. The price is 290 pesos but we should buy first any Jollibee meals to be able to buy that stuffed toy.

Whoaaa! It was really never in our plan and budget to buy that stuffed toy but bought it for we know it will make Keona really happy. Every time we go to Jollibee and dine, she always hug that big, life-size statue of Jollibee. Now that she has the stuffed toy, she can hug it anytime she wants.
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  1. i also bought other mascots of jollibee my daughter was crying when i said that i will buy next time .. so when i saw her crying i have no choice but to grab the stuffed toys.

    1. San poh b nbibili ung jollibee n yn. Gsto ko din pra s baby ko. Tnx

  2. This post reminded me that I have to tell my sister to buy the Jollibee stuff toys for my kids and send them here in Sydney. They've been asking for it. Unfortunately, we don't have Jollibee outlet here yet :-( Thanks for posting.


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