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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cushions for our Living Room Set

Our little Keona plays a lot. She has plenty of toys and she also loves to watch movies on DVD or VCD. Whatever she sees on the movies she watch, she mimics them. One of her favorites lately is Winnie the Pooh and she loves to follow what Tigger does, jumping!

She jumps on the floor, on our bed and in the living room set. Since the living room set is designed for sitting and not jumping, ours become worn out and dilapidated and really needs to be repaired or replaced.

Hubby and I are weighing if we are going to have it repaired or we will just buy a new one. Scanning and sifting information online, I came across, a great site for everyone's cushion needs. They offer a wide array of cushions like chair cusions, seat cushions, chaise cushions, bench cushions, throw pillows and more.

What I like the most from them is that you can have your customized cushion, depending on your needs-indoor cushions, outdoor cushions and patio cushions. You can have the fabric of your choice so it is very personalized.

What me and hubby are considering in choosing cushion for our living room seat are comfort, elegance and a nice color. Hubby and me agreed to have the color red for our indoor seat cushion for we believe that the red color brings good luck to us. We are also going to put a flowered fabric cushion on our patio seat where our little girl spends lovely afternoon relaxing, watching passers-by in our street and sometimes play with our dog, Beauty. A flowery fabric is very much fitted outside for it radiates the beauty of the garden in front of our house.

Yay, I'm already very excited to have our seats installed with cushion to make it look elegant and most especially comfortable to sit on.
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