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Friday, December 21, 2012

Eating Out with Family at Gerry's Grill

Bonding with one's family is very important.  It makes your relationship with each other stronger and it makes you get closer with one another.  One of the best ways to bond with your family is to dine out.  Sometimes, we need to indulge and dine out at a favorite restaurant just to chill out and enjoy that precious moment with your loved ones.

Hubby and little girl

Little girl scans the menu

Lil girl's fave - pork liempo

My fave - grilled tuna belly

One fine day, me and hubby felt bored just staying at home.  We thought of going out and we headed to Abreeza mall to check on restaurants that serve our favorite foods.  Our toes brought us to Gerry's Grill restaurant.  The fact that the place is not crowded is really a huge advantage.  It took us not too long to wait for our orders to be served.

Guys, if you feel like chilling out and bonding with your family, don't hesitate to indulge and go to your fave restaurant and eat out.  As long as it is not becoming a routine for you, it's all right to spend some bucks dining out.  It surely is worth it.
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