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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Gifts to Help You Lose That Holiday Weight

The time between Thanksgiving and the end of December is dangerous for many people. Dangerous because of the incredible dining options that tend to present themselves night after night. Cookies, pies, birds, pigs, these six-ish weeks tend to be a nonstop caloric nightmare for people who are concerned with their weight. If you’ve wanted to lose weight for a long time, or just need to shed those few pounds you gained sitting around the Thanksgiving table, there are tools that make shedding those pounds easy. You’ll feel great and look even better if you start making time for a workout everyday. Check out these holiday gifts that you should give yourself if you want to lose that stubborn holiday weight.


A kettlebell is an amazing piece of workout equipment that you will use everyday to get yourself on the track to losing weight and building muscle. The popularity of kettlebells has exploded over the last few years due primarily to the popularity of crossfit. Essentially, a kettlebell is a weight of varying size that combines strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training. It’s such a simple weight that really works out your whole body and can be done in your living room without a workout DVD. Kettlebells can burn up to 20 calories a minute, which is the equivalent of running a mile at a 6 minute pace. It will take up very little space in your home, so you won’t put it in your storage unit that you found on the Blog.


Sometimes finding the motivation to lose some weight can be as easy as buying yourself a new pair of headphones. Music keeps you motivated to do more and push yourself, and with good quality headphones you’ll find that you get some extra motivation. It can be hard to find a good pair of ear buds that stay in your ear during intense workouts, so spent a little bit of extra cash on a pair that’s specifically designed for working out. Read lots of reviews online to find the best headphones for working out, that won’t fall out of your head!


Get yourself a nice blender so you can easily make post workout smoothies that will keep your appetite down. If you have a blender that doesn’t work well, you probably don’t use it as often as you could. Opting to choose a smoothie as a meal replacement is a great idea that will have you slimming down quick. You can also use it to make healthy soups so your dinners aren’t full of holiday junk.

Exercise Clothing 

Getting yourself some new exercise clothing or running shoes is another fantastic way to motivate yourself to start losing some weight. A good pair of running shoes can be the difference between pushing yourself towards that extra mile or sitting on the couch in pain. Opt to redo your workout closet with some sleek new gear. Don’t buy too much though, because hopefully you’ll drop a few sizes after you start constantly working out!

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