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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Moms Tucking their College Kids in at Bedtime the Easy Way

Just because your son or daughter is ready to enter college and begin a new milestone in their lives, doesn’t mean they have stopped being your baby. And making sure they get the best night’s sleep possible is vital to their educational success. When shopping for bedding, you can’t just pick any run-of-the-mill “bed in a box”—for almost all dorm beds are not the standard twin size we are used to, but rather they are slightly longer than their popular cousins. Your child will  need xlong twin sheets to guarantee the perfect fit, and provide maximum comfort. 

Online Shopping is Mom’s Best Friend  

Shopping with your kids may be fun for you, but most kids (especially boys) aren’t too keen on it. However, online shopping with your kids is usually more appealing to them, and it offers many benefits for moms. First of all, the back-to-school niche is hugely popular, and items sell out quickly in physical stores, even months in advance. But online stores almost always keep their inventory stocked. Also, competition is fiercer, so shoppers can usually get better deals online. Think about it this way: not too many people are willing to drive all over town visiting multiple stores to price bedding. But surfing the Internet with your feet up is easy, effortless, and everyone is doing it. Therefore, online retailers will typically fight tooth and nail to offer their customers the best deals. In addition, online shopping usually offers more product varieties than physical department stores will.

Another cost-saving benefit to online shopping revolves around the topic of impulse buying. In a recent article by Global Good Group, the author argues that because the shopper doesn’t have to pass through rows upon rows of other merchandise to get the product they want, one is least likely tempted to buy something that isn’t needed. The author continues that impulse buying is a substantial factor to household and personal overspending. When doing back-to-school shopping, especially for college level kids, saving money is more vital than ever to ensure the student gets what he/she truly needs. College life isn’t cheap, and buying only what is absolutely needed will pay off big.

It’s for more than just Sleeping 

When buying bedding for your college kid, remember that the bed is the greatest multi-functional item in their tiny dorm room. It not only serves as a place for sleep, but as a sofa for those social gatherings, a place to study, and a place for lounging about. Due to the fact that most dorm rooms are small and lack room for sofas and lounge chairs, the bed must serve dual purposes.  Providing your child with multiple choices in bedding will enable them to switch up the ambiance and style of their room, and ensure a feeling of newness and freshness into what could otherwise be a mundane room that always stays the same.

Shop Smart

Make it fun. Bring out a bowl of popcorn with your laptop and sit down with your child for a fun, stress-free online shopping trip. Engage with your son or daughter, and work together to find the best deals on XL twin bedding for their dorm room. And be sure to buy a multiple sets to offer some variety and ever-changing freshness to their room. After all, a fresh study environment will help nurture a fresh mind.

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