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Monday, December 10, 2012

Learning Through Playing Games

Keona has just turned 4 years old recently and I want her to be ready with schooling next school-year.  Me and hubby agreed to teach her basic mathematics and some basic skills appropriate for her age like identifying colors. learning the letters in the alphabet, identifying sounds of animals, learning how to use the computer and others.

Lately, Keona has learned to manipulate the computer and so, we introduce her to games that will make her learn something while having fun.  She develop fondness for some games and some of it, she's afraid to play herself.  There are games that she love so much yet, she just wants to be an observer.  She wants either hubby or me to play it while she watches us playing.

Just like any kids, toddlers love to play games on the computer.  So as a responsible parent, our role is to guide our little ones into playing games that will make them learn at the same time, having a good time. There are numerous games online that you may introduce to your child to make them learn faster.

Games for Learning

Learning the alphabet at  My officemate introduced me to this website since she used to tutor kids when she was still working at a nearby school.  It's a very good resource for toddlers to learn to identify the alphabet letters.  It is colorful and there are many illustrations so kids will really love it.  Our little girl learns to identify the alphabet through this website.

Fishdom.  This is a fun game for kids including adults (I love this game,lol).  They will make them  learn how to beautify the aquarium and give comfort to the fish by providing what they need like food through shopping.

Farm frenzy.  This is a game about farming.   Since there is no farm in the middle of the city, playing this game would introduce the kids how it is to be in the farm.

Cake shop.  This is a cool game where you work in a virtual cake shop.  In this game, your kiddos will learn about customer service, being time conscious and others.

Jojo's Fashion show.  Another game that Keona loves.  It is good for the little one's creativity because they have to dress up people and make them attend in a photo shoot.  It's as if they are  into fashion designing and styling.

There you have it guys.  Hope this gives you an idea on the games that are fun and lets your little ones learn easier. faster and in a fun way.

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