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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Looking for a Playschool Nearby

Our little Keona is already 3 years old and by next school year, we want her to be in a playschool. She is very much interested with studying already and we wanted her to go to school so that she'll be able to adjust in a school environment.

Me and hubby are looking for a playschool that is reputable and want it just near our house. We will go through our neighborhood and scout for tuition fee prices for a toddler like our little girl.
Hopefully, little Keona will be able to adjust school life and at the same time learn something just by playing.

We have taught her already at home some basics like ABC although she cannot identify yet all letters in the alphabet. She can also count 1 to 10. We also taught her basic good manners like saying "Thank you", "please" , "sorry", and greetings like "good morning." Hopefully, everything will get as planned and Keona will grow up a good person.

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