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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Planning for Our Family's Financial Future

I have been really keen on planning with our finances nowadays. I am learning the ropes towards the achievement of financial freedom that I long to meet. I read a lot about books on financial literacy and steps to achieving financial independence. There are really a lot of books and resources that talks about managing finances and how to achieve financial freedom but they are all theory and making them into real action is easier said than done. It is real hard work, patience, determination, perseverance and constancy to purpose. All my tasks should be geared towards achieving this goal and I believe the very essence of it is to discipline our expenses. We need to be able to identify which one is need and wants. We need to prioritize the needs and just forego of our wants which we can live anyway without them.

I am very fortunate that a colleague who I casually talked volunteered to be my personal coach about financial freedom when she learned I am very interested about it. She brought a brochure and explained to me steps on becoming financially free. I learned that we need to get out of debt first. Then we also have to set aside funds for emergency. The next thing that we need to have is protection and we need to get temporary plans so that when somebody needs it in the family, we can use the plan without ruining the family's budget. She also introduced me to Kaiser plan for our insurance because it is a very good company and an excellent reputation. To learn more about Kaiser and their products and services, just click here.

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