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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flooring Ideas For My House

Its been years now since we have been staying in my parents house. My house is very far from where I work, and ever since baby girl was born we stayed in my parents house since its way nearer compared to my house which will take 1 hour ride to work. Aside from that I feel at ease when it's my mom and dad who is looking after my baby girl. I really don't trust leaving my child in the hands of a nanny.

Last week since we have no work, me and hubby visited our house, and we noticed a dirt piled up on our floor mat (we decided to put a floor mat on our house since it's easy to install). When we took a closer look it wasn't just dirt, it was ants, and the floor was moist. (This has happened before even if when we are still staying in the house). So me and hubby decided to ditch the floor mat.

Now we are trying to decide which flooring ideas would be best to replace our floor mat, hubby want to replace it with tiles while I want to use vinyl for the flooring. He wants to replace it with tiles since for him its clean to look, it is much durable compared to vinyl and because tile are cold and hubby likes to lie down on the floor especially when it's cold. However, having tiles cost very much, so my pick would be the vinyl as far as money is concerned. Although vinyl is not that durable compared to a tile, but still I think its much better compared to our rubber floor mat, and besides that, me and hubby can install the vinyl ourselves compare to a tile in which we will be force to hire labor for it to be installed.

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  1. A good comprimise for you and your husband would be to choose a vinyl flooring that resembles tile. Vinyl flooring these days is so much more stylish than it used to be and I have seen styles that look so much like real tile that you can hardly even tell the difference.


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