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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Foods to Avoid When You Suspect Your Child has an Allergy

My little Keona has had bouts of cough and colds and sometimes, she has some rashes on her skin. When we had her checked by her pediatrician, he told us that the rashes on her skin is an allergy and her intermittent colds can be an allergy as well because it comes and go and comes again.

So if you suspect your child has an allergy, here are some foods to avoid:

  • Nuts- all kinds of nuts - peanuts, cashew nuts, etc.
  • Seafoods like shrimp, crabs, squid
  • Coca cola soft drink (it has a nut, according to the doctor, I only knew it now)
  • Chocolate (it belongs to the family of nuts, cacao)
  • Chicken and other poultry products like eggs

Aside from the foods that you have to avoid, environment and the stuff that your baby use can be a contributing factor for your baby's allergy as well. When your baby is suffering from an allergy, you have to roll out all possible causes that potentially the culprit of the allergy. Here are some additional tips that worthy to be observed if your child has an allergy...

  • Change bedding and mattress that your baby use as often as possible to avoid dust from accumulating.
  • Always clean your room especially where your baby is staying, including windows and every nook that may be collecting dusts.
  • Use a mild soap for your baby. Babies who are very prone to allergy can have it even when using baby soaps and shampoos that are hypoallergenic and claims to be very mild. My little girl's pediatrician recommends using Cetaphil gentle cleanse because it is non-soap base and non-comedogenic.
  • use the mildest soap possible when doing the laundry of your child's clothes, nappies and every cloth he/she uses including bed sheets. Our pediatrician recommends us to using Perla white soap.
  • Stuffed toys of your child may be cuddly but they can also be the home of so many dust so it's better to entirely get rid of them.
  • If you have pets like cats and dogs, their fur can be a trigger for your kid's allergy, so avoid having your pets in contact with your child.

That's all for now folks, have a great day.

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