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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lil Girl Wants an Earring

Lil Keona keeps on telling me this evening that she wants an earring. I would have wanted to have her ear pierced when she was still an infant so she can wear earrings but we were occupied with visits to the hospital due to her frequent fever because of recurrent infection.

She noticed Mom's earrings so she wanted to have one for herself. I told her that it's painful to have her ear pierced and asked her if it is OK for her to go to Doctor Mike and she doesn't want it anymore:). Hubby told me that she can have earrings when she reach 3 years old. He's afraid that lil Keona might scratch it. At 3, she'll be responsible enough to take care of it. My little girl now has already a sense of fashion and wants to beautify herself.LOLz.
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