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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bucket List / Goals

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1. Be able to achieve 6 months equivalent salary for our EMERGENCY FUND.
2. Pay off our housing loan (so that no matter what will happen, our house is safe from foreclosure).
3.  Invest in stock market.
4. Set up our own business (food business, laundry, poultry farm)
5. Put up a rental income like an apartment, boarding house (passive income for retirement).
6. Invest in rice production (so that we do not need to buy rice for our own consumption)
7. Improve our house - (concrete fence, extend the front and back, and have 2nd floor if possible)
8. Pay off R's and my St. Peter Plan amortization.
9. Go to Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River
10. Go to Pearl Farm
11. Go to Maragusan
12. Go to Boracay.
13. Travel to Palawan.
14. Travel to Tagaytay. (done: April 30-May 2 2014)

15. Travel to Baguio. (done: May 4-6, 2014)
16.Travel to HongKong Disneyland with lil K and have a side trip in Macau.
17. Travel to Singapore and Malaysia.
18. Travel to Thailand and Cambodia.
19. Travel to Paris.
20. Travel to Italy and Rome.
21. Own a lil car - either a picanto or honda fit will do.
22. Own a DSLR camera.
23. Retire comfortably at 50.
24. Earn at least 100k per year in blogging and online business.

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