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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to Guide Your Child to Do Good in School

If you have a toddler and he is already going to school, there is that inevitable feeling of anxiety at the same time excitement as a mom. Seeing your child being away from your care and on his own in the outside world makes you look for ways to ensure that your little one is doing okay.

Here are some points on guiding your child to be able to do what you positively expect from your child in school.

  • Make everything he needs place in his/her bag.  Your child is still young and so his needs are also not that big.  Organize everything that he will need like crayons, pencil, notebook, eraser, and sharpener.  Do not put so many things on his bag, more than what he needs because your little one is not that good at organizing things yet.  The many things you will place in his bag might overwhelm him.
  • Schedule short time for study.  Toddlers have very small attention span yet.  You may allot around 20-30 minutes a day in studying like identifying letters starting with teaching him the right phonics or sound of the letters.
  • Do not force your Child into Doing Something he Doesn't Like.  If your child loves to draw than to write his ABCs, then let him do so.  But make a condition that after he finishes his drawing, he has to learn something important like learning the alphabet and numbers.
  • Support your Child in Every Way.  Show to your child that you are interested in what he is doing.  Ask him what did he does in school, what are his difficulties.  If your child is interested in activities like dancing, painting, support him all the way.
  • Let your Child Do his School Assignments.  Your child's assignment is not yours.  So you need to have your child answer his school assignment and your role is only to guide him.  Allow him to answer first, then along the way, if you see that he is wrong, then teach him what is right.

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