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Saturday, August 1, 2009

No More Amikin?

Whew! My baby is having fever again due to"breakthrough" of bacteria. Ureteral reflux, yes she has. But she already has a prophylaxis. A daily low dose of antibiotic to keep the bacteria at a minimum level so it will not reach to her kidneys to avoid infection. The pediatric nephrologist explained that it is calleda "breakthrough" because in spite of the antibiotic that she's taking, still the bacteria infected her. Hopefully her UTI wil not reach three times in a year or else she will need surgical intervention which I really dreaded. The thought of it makes me sick!

Based on her Urine culture and sensitivity, the cefixime antibiotic, an oral drop that she takes is just an Intermediate cure, meaning its not really the ideal one that will cure the bacteria. The only antiobiotic in which the bacteria is susceptible are injectables, nothing is available in oral drops. The doctor prescribed a medicine called "Amikin" a brand name for Amikacin. So, off me and hubby went to the drugstore to buy for it. But we've been to several drugstores already and its unavailable. Alas, the doctor is out in his clinic already and we don't have his contact number! So we just went to DDH emergency room for they are the ones who will administer the injection and ask the resident physician if it's OK to have amikacide instead of amikin. To our relief, she said yes. Anyways, it is still amikacin, the only difference is the brand name. Our day ended with tired legs going to several streets having drugstores looking for that elusive amikin. But relieved that we have something for Keona's medicine.

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