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Monday, December 28, 2009

A simple celebration for our 2nd wedding anniversary

Me, few minutes before our wedding

Today is our wedding anniversary. We attended a Holy mass at Sta. Ana Shrine Parish where we held our wedding 2 years ago. We decided not to bring Keona with us because we know we can't concentrate if she's with us. We'll be occupied with walking, running and she'll be shouting inside the church which we have experienced before. After the mass, we went to Gaisano mall to have dinner. We decided to eat at Dimsum because there were only few people. We don't like to eat in crowded places, it will take forever for us to be served. I jokingly told hubby that our marriage is not yet tested with time but he refuted that even if it's only 2 years, we have hurdled a lot of "storms" in our lives together which I readily agree:)).

Our marriage is not a bed of roses but we always try to work it out together, to be always committed with each other.
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