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Monday, December 6, 2010

Scheduled for Renal Scan

I went to the nuclear medicine department this afternoon and the personnel told me I need to coordinate with Dr. King Palabyab, the pediatric anesthesiologist because Keona will be sedated during the renal scan. There's a need for her to stay put without moving for 30 minutes to get the proper imaging of the renal scan and since she's just 2 years old, she'll be sedated.

I went to Dr. King Palabyab clinic and found out from her secretary that he is always on call. We were able to talk via phone and told me that he's available tomorrow afternoon so that's the schedule of Keona's renal scan.

I called him up this evening for instructions regarding Keona's fasting and he gave me instructions. He made a follow up of his instructions via text message which says" schedule 1pm renal scan. Awaken pt 4 milk feeding until 7 am only then offer juice, gatorade, c2,water + sugar only from 7am until 9am only then strictly npo thereafter."

I asked hubby the meaning of npo because he used to study nursing but he wanted to be sure what it's meaning is so we researched the medical abbreviation npo and we found the answer. It stands for nothing per orem which means nothing by mouth, an order given by doctors when they do not want their patient to take in any type of food or liquid by mouth.

So Keona will have no intake from 9am until 1 pm, her renal scan schedule. I'm asking for your prayers friends for the success of Keona's renal scan. I hope the result will be all right.
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