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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Being a Mom in this Age of Technology

In this age of technology, moms like me, or soon to be moms will have no problem acquiring knowledge about pregnancy, parenting and family stuff since there are plenty of things you can learn through the internet. I myself go to several parenting sites and mom forum to ask some mother like me about their experiences and advice. When I first heard of my daughter condition on vesicoureteral reflux (its an abnormal movement of urine from the bladder into ureters or kidney. Urine normally travels from the kidney via the ureter to the bladder. In vesicoureteral reflux the direction of urine flow is reversed), me and my husband went blank. Its the first time we heard of such condition. Although our doctor did explain it to us thoroughly, I had to look online for some parents whose children had such condition. I did find a few online, their advice and experiences really help us in dealing and preparing for our daughter condition. 

My daughter's condition is okay now, she had surgery a couple of years ago. Gone are the days she would go on high fever and we had to admit her to the hospital, gone are those expensive and ever changing antibiotics we had to give to her. 

I wonder how my mother had raise me and my siblings, we are a total of six siblings (5 girls and a boy). When before when there was still no internet, they don't have any information available from just a click of the mouse. When only doctors and relatives are the people mothers can get advice from.That makes my mother super, having to raise all six of us. I guess I am very fortunate to have all these information around me all the time within reach it really helps a lot.

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